Full Program For Process Mining Camp 2024

Process Mining Camp 2024 – Full Program

We are busy with the last preparations for this year’s Process Mining Camp, and we can’t wait to see you all on June 13 and 14!

Today, we have two exciting updates for you: We now have finished the full program including the practice talks. And we have found the perfect location for camp (see more at the bottom of this post).

Practice talks

Practice talks have been a tradition at Process Mining Camp since 2012. At this year’s camp, there will be six practice talks about a wide variety of use cases:

  • Ghada Zakhama & Caleb Borges (DHL Group, Germany) — Reducing the risk of medical device deliveries.

    Ghada and Caleb will share how their data analytics team supports business audit teams with innovative and automated approaches across various stages of the audit process. Using a medical devices management process as a case study, they will show how process mining helps reduce the risk of issues and anomalies within business processes.

  • Alexandros Kakakis (Online Dialog, The Netherlands) — Customer journeys in e-commerce.

    Alex is an expert in data insights with a background in data science. He analyzes e-commerce websites using tools such as BigQuery and Python. At camp, Alex will demonstrate how he uses process mining to understand the customer journey. He will show how he translates complex behavior maps into actionable results relevant to his clients.

  • Gerardo Rodriguez Oviedo & Rafael Herrera Carpio (BAC, Costa Rica) — Boosting data-driven culture through process mining.

    BAC is the biggest bank in Central America. Gerardo and Rafael have been using process mining at BAC with great success, significantly reducing throughput times and increasing closing rates for their processes. At camp, they will share how they use the opportunities identified through process mining to lead organizational improvement initiatives. They will focus on how process mining helps them to establish a data-driven culture across the different business areas.

  • Aljoša Jankov (OTP Bank, Serbia) — Using process mining to deliver a new credit card on time.

    At OTP Bank Serbia, Disco revealed improvement opportunities for the credit and debit card application process. Following a client’s request, the credit and debit cards were sent between different branches. After Aljoša had overcome the data preparation challenges, he could investigate workarounds and bottlenecks. His analysis helped to explain behaviors that cause the conformance violations against procedural rules.

  • Lieven Bewaert (Atlas Copco, Belgium) — How to use process mining as an internal auditor.

    Lieven is a Safety Health Environmental Quality Analyst at Atlas Copco. Based on the purchasing process he analyzed, he will share his experiences, the approach he took for process mining in an internal audit setting, and the challenges he encountered along the way.

  • Erik Scroggs (Serco, USA) — Dynamic workforce assignment with automation.

    Serco has supported the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services since 2013, when the Affordable Care Act was first implemented in the United States. Erik is a software engineer, and he has been using process mining to help senior leadership make key decisions. The insights gained from analyzing various processes has helped identify opportunities for automation, calculate cost vs. benefit metrics, and accurately project future production.

New campsite: Fifth Eindhoven

This year’s camp is different because, in addition to the practice talks, there will be discussion roundtables, three workshops on the second day, a boot camp, and lots of time to connect with everyone.

For this new format, we have found the perfect place with the Fifth in downtown Eindhoven. Located in the city’s former gasworks building, the Fifth is a concert venue, jazz club, restaurant and bar, and a focal point of the annual Dutch Design Week.

While the Fifth is located a stone’s throw from the city center, it is tucked away in a post-industrial yard. This gives us the intimacy, peace, and quiet to fully focus on process mining for two full days. With a state of the art projector and audio system, and the Fifth’s excellent restaurant and bar, we have all that we need, right there on site.

We will have several comfortable rooms at our disposal, so whether we’re listening to talks, having roundtable discussions, workshops, or we’re just hanging out for lunch or dinner — we’ll be right at home.

For those of you who have already booked your hotels, you are still in the right place. The Fifth is also located in the Eindhoven city center: It can be reached from Eindhoven Central train station by a 15 minute’s walk. See all the details regarding the camp’s location here.

Get your ticket now!

If you have not yet signed up, you should get your ticket now! Until midnight this Friday, 24 May, you will still get 300 Euros off with our Springtime Saver rate, and receive your very own camp t-shirt.

— See you all in Eindhoven on 13 June!

Analyzing Variants

Last week’s Process Mining Café was dedicated to a hands-on session about variants. Variants are their own dimension of looking at a process and they complement the process map. They look at sequences of activities from the beginning until the end of the process. Therefore, they provide a simplified, scenario-based view of the process. But the crux is that you need to make sure that your variants are on the right level before you analyze them.

You can now watch the recording here if you missed the live broadcast or want to re-watch the café. Thanks to all of you for joining us!

Here are the links that we mentioned during the session:

Contact us anytime at cafe@fluxicon.com if you have questions or suggestions for the café.

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Process Mining Café 32: Variants

Process Mining Café 32

Process Mining Camp will take place just over a month from now! We are excited to see you all and will reveal the last details about this year’s camp very soon. Stay tuned and sign up at our camp mailing list to be notified once the full program is published.

With our three workshops on the second day, hands-on practice will be a big part of this year’s camp. In this spirit, we dedicate today’s Process Mining Café to a hands-on session on variants.

Rudi and Anne will take you on a journey to think about variants, explain possible traps if you rely on variants as an indicator too early, and show how to use variants productively.

What insights have you gained from analyzing the variants in your process? We invite you to share your experiences with us today, Wednesday, 15 May, at 15:00 CEST (Check your timezone here). No registration is required. Simply join us at fluxicon.com/cafe and be part of the live discussion as we explore this fascinating topic.

Tune in live for Process Mining Café by visiting fluxicon.com/cafe this Wednesday, 15 May 2024, at 15:00 CEST! Add the time to your calendar if you don’t want to miss it.

The Business Case for Process Mining

In last week’s Process Mining Café, we talked with Miguel Angel Gómez from PROA about his process mining project at Chopo Laboratories in Mexico. We discussed the results of their analysis and the benefits they got from the improvement. Interestingly, they did not focus on cost-cutting but increased revenue by 6 million Pesos (350,000 USD) without hiring additional people.

Finding your way to your business case as a process miner is a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem: You first have to do the analysis to determine the improvement potential. So, it can be a good idea to perform a small pilot project. But even afterward, you need to decide how much of the opportunity you can realistically expect to realize. We discussed all this with Miguel and recommend to keep it simple.

You can now watch the recording here if you missed the live broadcast or want to re-watch the café. Thanks to Efe, Axel, Markus, and Jori for the discussion, and a big thanks to Miguel and all of you for joining us!

Here are the links that we mentioned during the session:

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Have you seen that the Process Mining Café is also available as a podcast? So, if you prefer to listen to our episodes in your favorite podcast player, you can get them all here.

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Boot Camp At Process Mining Camp 2024

Process Mining Camp 2024 – Boot Camp

This year’s Process Mining Camp on 13 & 14 June is made for experts. But that does not mean that those of you who are new to process mining should not attend.

In fact, as beginners we learn best when we see, first-hand, more advanced practitioners at work. We all learn the fastest by observing experts at the top of their game. Nevertheless, it can be useful for you to have a solid grip on the basics, so that you are better able to follow the discussions.

This is why, this year, we offer an optional boot camp training just before camp for those of you who are new to process mining. When you sign up for camp, choose the Process Mining Camp + Boot Camp ticket (the second ticket on the list) to reserve your seat for this pre-training.

The boot camp is going to cover a big part of the lessons from our regular trainings. In this crash course, we will teach you the most important process mining concepts. By immediately immersing yourself in the real-life use cases at camp, you will solidify your understanding and bring it to life. The boot camp also gets you ready to start practicing, and to participate in the workshops on the second day of camp.

Boot Camp program

The boot camp consists of two sessions. The first session takes place online one week before camp, on 6 June. The precise time will be determined based on the availability and the time zones of the participants. Afterward, you will get a homework exercise to work on between the first and the second session. Then, on Thursday morning, 13 June, just before camp starts, the second session takes place in person at the campsite.

You will learn:

  • Introduction and positioning: We will keep the introduction short and focus on how process mining fits into existing process improvement methodologies. We will also look at how process mining differs from other methods and what it is not, so you can clearly place it in your head.

  • Guided hands-on session: Then, we will dive into the first hands-on session. Together, we will go through a typical process mining scenario, step by step. You will learn how to import data and perform your first process mining analysis.

  • Simplification strategies for complex processes: One of the first challenges you will encounter in your process mining projects is that the discovered process maps can become very complicated. Based on concrete examples, you will learn ten strategies for dealing with this complexity.

  • Hands-on exercises: You will start practicing with two exercises, where you will work on real data sets by yourself. We will discuss your solutions in the group and talk about the different use cases for process mining.

During the boot camp, you will learn everything to become prepared for camp, even if you are still a greenhorn. With this foundation, you will be able to step over some of the more obvious challenges, so that you can have a deeper discussion and challenge others.

We recommend the boot camp to newcomers as it allows you to focus more on what is relevant for you instead of just listening in. You will have a broader perspective and more effectively place what you hear at camp in the right context.

You will also receive a Disco training license for 60 days, so that you can hit the ground running at the boot camp and continue to learn at your own pace.

Furthermore, you will join a follow-up meeting online with the same training group after 1-2 months to discuss the first results. Afterwards, we stay in contact and keep supporting you on your process mining journey.

The only catch is that we have a very limited number of seats available for the boot camp. → Sign up now, and make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!

Certificate of attendance

Both boot campers and regular campers will receive a certificate of attendance to document their education activities.

We have also created an overview of the educational and training components at this year’s camp, to help you better plan and justify attending camp. Do you still need to request permission to come to camp this year? Send us an email at camp@fluxicon.com, and we will send you some information on how you can fit process mining camp into your own training program and budget.

Sign up for a process mining practice that you can get nowhere else. If you buy your ticket before midnight this Friday, 19 April, you help us plan, and you can still benefit from the morning person rate before prices go up.

We can’t wait to see you all at camp!