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Strategy and Execution

2021-09-08Bogdan Ciungu (JTI) and Rudi Niks

There is often a divide between the strategy and the execution world in process mining. The people who are dealing with strategy are different from the people who are executing. Bogdan Ciungu joined us to discuss how organizations can bridge this divide. We talk about use cases, RFIs, and we show a concrete example for a business case.

Public Administration

2021-07-07Richard Verheijen, Vincent Veraart, and Lewis Ho (UWV)

Introducing process mining at an organization is never easy. Together with Vincent, Lewis, and Richard we talk about the strategies that worked for UWV, and about the success factors for one concrete project. All their tips are relevant not only for public administrations but for all organizations who want to introduce process mining.

Freestyle Data Transformation

2021-04-28with Léonard Studer (Ville de Lausanne)

What can you do if your data — at least at first sight — does not seem suitable for process mining at all? You look for “sequences of stuff”. Léonard Studer shares three examples of how he transformed problematic data, created non-existent data from file system logs, and even manually transcribed data in different scenarios.


2021-03-23with Luise Pufahl (TU Berlin) and Fran Batchelor (UW Health)

Healthcare is a very interesting but also challenging application area for process mining. For example, a data set with 1000 cases can easily have 1000 variants, because every patient follows a unique path. Together with Luise Pufahl and Fran Batchelor we discuss the specific challenges of the healthcare domain along the phases of a typical process mining project.

Legacy Systems

2021-02-24with Derek Russell (Objektum) and Steve Kilner (Vlegaci)

Legacy systems are old, often mission-critical systems that can cause quite some headaches for their owners. Replacing these old systems is not easy, precisely because so much knowledge has been poured into them. Derek Russell and Steve Kilner joined us to talk about the different approaches to legacy system mining.

Customer Journey Analysis

2021-01-20with Daisy Wain (GOV.UK) and Rudi Niks

In a customer journey analysis, you look at the process from the viewpoint of the customer. Daisy gives us an overview about her recent analysis of the user journey on the “Start a Business” part of the GOV.UK website, and Rudi takes us through the three main challenges that you will encounter when you analyze customer journeys with process mining.

From Research to Practice

2020-12-16with Hajo Reijers (Utrecht University)

Our conversation with Hajo Reijers, Professor for Business Process Management & Analytics at Utrecht University. We talked about how processes are made of people, his interest in empirical research methods, industry cooperations with master students, two new research papers from this year and many other things.

Data Requirements for New IT Systems

2020-11-24with Gijs Eerdmans and Erik Rootjes (Vivat)

Imagine your company introduces a new IT system and you have the opportunity to influence the data that will be collected. You want to make sure that the data is suitable for your process mining analyses in the future. Which data properties exactly will you need to ensure in the new system? We made a checklist for you, so you don’t forget something essential.

Have a cup of Process Mining

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. After a long day of hard work in the process mines, we gather in our friendly neighborhood café to find out what's happening, meet new friends, and spend some quality time with our fellow process miners.

Process Mining Café is our little experiment for the winter months — It's way too cold for camping, but that doesn't mean we have to go hibernate. There is no strict format, and no fixed schedule. But there is rhyme, and hopefully there is some reason.

Our sessions are broadcast live, right here on this site. We also have a chat, so you can join the conversation with us and your fellow barflies in the café.

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