Workshops at Process Mining Camp 2023

Process Mining Camp 2023

For every summer camp, there comes a time when you pull up your sleeves, grab a shovel, and do your part.

At Process Mining Camp, you won’t have to do the dishes, but you can become actively involved and contribute your own experience and perspective. One perfect place to do just that is in one of our three very distinct afternoon workshops:

  • Our first workshop is a discussion workshop that continues after Franck, Ruth, and Mithra’s talk. You can share your experiences and discuss all aspects of process mining in audits and beyond, including ethics and professional standards.

  • In our second workshop, you go into problem-solving mode. Based on our 12-step process mining project framework, you will work in small teams on developing the right project plan for different cases.

  • Our third analysis workshop lets you dive into typical process mining analysis questions with hands-on practice. Bring your laptop! You will receive a training license from us if you don’t have a Disco license yet.

The workshops are running in parallel, so you can only join one. Choose the workshop you want to attend when selecting your camp ticket here.

Here are the full descriptions of the workshops at Process Mining Camp 2023.

Workshop 1: How can you use process mining for audits?

Workshop 1 at Process Mining Camp 2023

Process mining does not replace the traditional audit approach. However, it requires some changes and a conscious effort to fit process mining into the existing way of working. In some places, more work is needed. In other places, things get easier.

The goal of this discussion-based workshop is to share openly and learn from each other. You will talk about process mining in auditing and internal control. Discuss your approach, challenges, and questions with other auditors, compliance officers, and risk managers, and exchange your experiences to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your internal control systems.

Franck Diafouka, Ruth Zonanashvili and Mithra Sophie Gruber enthusiastically work for the Internal Audit function at the European Medicines Agency and have established a Working Group on Process Mining across several EU bodies.

Workshop 2: How do you make a proper project plan for process mining?

Workshop 2 at Process Mining Camp 2023

Achieving your process mining goals requires a solid approach to getting things done. However, there is no one single cookbook for every process mining analysis. Each project could require a different approach to solve certain challenges or eliminate risks of failure.

In this workshop you will learn what the key deliverables are for a process mining project. Work out the best approach given particular technical or organizational conditions, and discuss what you could or should do when these conditions change. A practical and fun way to share experiences and learn the best practices.

Rudi Niks has been one of the first process mining practitioners. He has over ten years of experience in creating value with process mining. At Fluxicon, he ensures that Disco miners are the best process miners in the world.

Workshop 3: What questions can you answer with process mining?

Workshop 3 at Process Mining Camp 2023

When you start out with process mining, you often wind up in some kind of chicken-and-egg dilemma: You are supposed to start with questions about your process, but which kinds of questions can you actually answer with process mining?

We will give you 20 typical process mining questions as a starting point, and we will show you how to answer them. In this workshop, you will work hands-on with multiple data sets to understand the different approaches for measuring your process performance, analyzing compliance, and answering other process mining questions.

Anne Rozinat is the co-founder of Fluxicon and working with process mining every day. She has obtained her PhD Cum Laude in the process mining group at Eindhoven University of Technology, and she has given countless process mining trainings over the years.

Which one are you going to pick?

All three workshops are an excellent way to process what you have learned, and to set the next steps for your own process mining practice. You will come away with new insights and actionable knowledge that you can use immediately.

Don’t miss this year’s camp and register now — We look forward to having you!

Meet the Speakers at Process Mining Camp 2023

Process Mining Camp 2023

The heart and soul of every Process Mining Camp are our practice talks. You will hear from other process miners like yourself, who share what they have been doing. Hear their stories, pick up some of their tricks, and avoid their mistakes in your own process mining projects.

At this year’s camp, on 21 June, you will hear inspiring practice talks from professionals who apply process mining for use cases from process improvement, over auditing, to customer journey analysis.

Get to know the speakers of Process Mining Camp 2023!

Eric N. Kildea, Radwell International (USA)

Eric N. Kildea

The processes at Radwell are not purely pieces of information. Instead, physical machines and spare parts are being sent from one place to another as Radwell stocks, sells, and repairs industrial automation, electronic, and electrical control equipment for plant floor and facility maintenance machinery. Eric analyzes these processes to help managers put data to their intuition for making the right decisions.

Eric Kildea is an International Project Manager at Radwell International. He is well-versed in Agile strategies and has successfully managed projects ranging from office relocations, corporate policy development, company rebranding, data mining, process optimization, mergers, and acquisitions to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) changeovers. Each project is unique and can be organized using the proper project management techniques.

Stefan Wick, Universitätshospital Zürich (Switzerland)

Stefan Wick

The University Hospital Zurich (USZ) is one of the biggest hospitals in Switzerland, and Stefan is a process manager in the business development team. He has used process mining for different projects, including a re-organization and optimizing admission and discharge times. The proper data wrangling was a crucial success factor for applying process mining to these healthcare processes. At camp, he will show concrete examples of some of the data transformations he had to do.

Stefan Wick has been a process manager at USZ for over 14 years. After his Master’s degree in Pharmacy almost 30 years ago, he worked at USZ in various areas, from the laboratory to the IT department and quality management. He now uses his experience and analytical skills to support customers and business units in their process improvement projects.

Xhentilo Karaj, Euroclear (Belgium)

Xhentilo Karaj

Xhentilo will share the approach he has used for process mining in the internal audit at Euroclear. It starts with the identification of which processes are suitable for process mining. Xhentilo then takes us through the different phases of the audit. He shows the concrete challenges he has encountered in the data collection, the data pre-processing, and the data analysis phases of his audits in the past.

Xhentilo Karaj is Senior Data Analyst at Euroclear. As a data professional with 6+ years of experience working in the Information Technology and Financial Services industries, he enjoys working with information systems and data. Recently, he has been building data products focused on audit process automation and continuous auditing, in the quest of making the internal audit of Euroclear more data-driven.

Franck Diafouka, Ruth Zonanashvili & Mithra Gruber, European Medicines Agency (Netherlands)

Franck Diafouka, Ruth Zonanashvili & Mithra Gruber

Franck, Ruth, and Mithra enthusiastically work for the Internal Audit function at the European Medicines Agency based in Amsterdam since 2019. Beyond the use of process mining tools and techniques to support their auditing and risk assessment practices, they will present an interesting case on building process mining capacity within an EU Agency and across several EU bodies through the establishment of a Working Group on Process Mining.

Franck Diafouka is Head of Audit (ad interim) at the European Medicines Agency, which he joined in 2006. Franck is a certified lead auditor with a keen interest in data analytics and innovative thinking. He is one of the co-founders and current chair of the Working Group of Process Mining.

Ruth Zonanashvili is an Internal Audit Officer and Project Manager at the European Medicines Agency, which she joined in 2020. A key part of her role is to develop innovative approaches to implement data analytics in the Internal Audit Function’s core work, including process mining in audit and risk assessment. Ruth is one of the co-founders and current secretary of the Working Group on Process Mining.

Mithra Sophie Gruber is a trainee in the Internal Audit function at the European Medicines Agency, which she joined in 2022. Mithra has a background in molecular and microbiology, as well as quality management. She loves to experiment with creative and alternative approaches to find new solutions. She joined the Working Group for Process Mining earlier this year.

Vanessa Schindler, T4media GmbH (Germany)

Vanessa Schindler

Vanessa advises companies on designing, planning, and implementing digital analytics, conversion optimization, and data management. Process mining has become a great asset on top of classical web analytics to get a deeper understanding of the customer journey. At camp, she will show the advantages that process mining has over traditional website analysis tools based on concrete examples.

Vanessa Schindler currently serves as a Digital Analytics Consultant at T4media. In this role, she is responsible for the project management of website personalizations from business requirements to the go-live using A/B tests to validate success. Before this task, she was the project manager for a global tracking concept and rollout in +70 markets, including reporting, ad hoc analysis, and onsite and remote training.

Learn from your fellow process miners!

Whether you are new to process mining or you are a seasoned expert — it is essential to see concrete examples of what others have been doing. It is insightful, inspiring, and it might just give you the idea for your next project!

For any open questions that come up, you can clarify them in the Q&A. Even better, the speakers are here for camp like the rest of us, and they will be there for the whole day. So, you will have plenty of opportunities to talk to them, and to continue the discussion over coffee, lunch, or dinner.

Don’t miss the chance to connect with your peers and learn from their stories – Register for Process Mining Camp here now!

Get Your Ticket For Process Mining Camp on 21 June 2023 Now!

Process Mining Camp 2023

Process Mining Camp 2023 is coming to the TU/e campus in Eindhoven on Wednesday, 21 June — and you can reserve your seat now!

Come for a day full of inspiring practice talks from professionals who apply process mining for all kinds of use cases — from process improvement, over auditing, to customer journey analysis. After a refreshing lunch, join one of our workshops. Here you can dive into a process mining topic of your choice, in depth, together with a small group of fellow campers.

We are finally ready to share the detailed program for this year’s camp here, and we think you’re going to love it!

A lot of people who have come to their first camp tell me afterward: “That was really nice!” And I reply: “I know!” So, if you have been on the fence, wondering whether camp is the right place for you, or whether you’ll fit in – the answer is, most likely: Yes!

Process Mining Camp has always had a very special atmosphere, a certain vibe. Here is what, for me, sets camp apart – what makes it different from other events and conferences:

  • Camp talks go deep. In their practice talks, our speakers show you what they have been doing, including tips and tricks, but also stumbles and mistakes. They are not peddling corporate success stories, but they want to share their personal, professional development. And, more often than not, you will find a lot to take home into your own practice.

  • The speakers are one of us. They use process mining just as you do. They have often attended camp themselves in the past, and they are eager to share their story with all of you. And of course they’re here for camp like the rest of us, to learn from people like you.

  • The attendees are all process mining professionals themselves. You can talk to anyone, and you can be sure to learn something. A discipline like process mining thrives on the lively, open, and friendly exchange between professionals. This is what camp is all about!

  • You are in the arena. Join one of our workshops in the afternoon, and expand your practice hands-on. But also in the Q&A after talks, in the hallway, and in the lunch, dinner, and coffee breaks – you will find that camp is, most of all, the community meetup for process miners like you. It is all about sharing your ideas, questions, and experiences with other process miners.

Early bird tickets are available until 17 May, but don’t wait and secure your ticket right away! We have limited seats because we want people to have the chance to really get to know each other.

Food and drinks are included. With the return of last year’s popular BBQ at the end of the day, we will even have our own little campfire. You will leave, maybe a little tired, but certainly inspired, and with new friends in the community.

Don’t miss Process Mining Camp 2023 and sign up now. Whether you are a beginner, or you have been working with process mining for many years – I am sure you will go home with lots of relevant insights for your own work.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know by email to, or however you prefer to get in touch.

We can’t wait to see you all in Eindhoven on 21 June!

How to Add Statistical Capability to Your Process Mining Analyses

In the latest Process Mining Café, Rudi and I got together with Jan van Moll and Muthuvelan Varadharajulu from Philips Healthcare for a very special episode.

We talked about their application of process mining to quality management processes. But on top of that, we also showed a concrete approach, in which Muthu and Jan have extended their process mining analyses with the so-called process capability index (Cpk).

The Cpk is a statistical measure that captures the ability of an engineering process to produce an output within specification limits. By doing that, it says something about the likelihood of meeting a target in the future based on the consistency of past values.

In the cafe, we showed based on a concrete process mining example how this works. And you can even try the approach yourself by using Muthu’s template (see links below) for your own analyses. Let us know how this works out for you via or contact Muthu and Jan directly via LinkedIn or per email.

If you missed the live broadcast or want to re-watch the café, you can now watch the recording here. Thanks again to Jan and Muthu and all of you for joining us!

Here are the links that we mentioned during the session:

Contact us via if you have questions or suggestions for the café anytime.

Have you already seen that the Process Mining Café is now also available as a podcast? So, if you prefer to listen to our episodes in your favorite podcast player, you can get them all here.

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Process Mining Café Podcast

Process Mining Café Podcast

It has been almost three years ago now that our Process Mining Café first went on air. Back then, it was our daily meetup during Process Mining Camp 2020, where we had the previous day’s speakers back on for a Q&A – it was a place to relax, kick back, and catch up with all the campers.

We decided to keep going with the café after camp, because it just worked so well. Compared to an annual event like camp, the café is much more lightweight for everybody involved, and it is free to explore the boundaries that would probably be too off-topic for camp. In short, it’s quality process mining time with interesting people, but you don’t need to put your life on hold to participate.

Today, by popular demand, we bring you an even more light-weight way to check into our café sessions. You can subscribe to the café audio feed, wherever you like to get your podcasts:

Podcasts are perfect for when you have some time, but you need your eyes elsewhere. So whether you want to spice up your workout or your commute, or you need a friendly companion for walking the dog or tending to your garden: The café podcast feed has you covered.

Thank you for checking back with us and being a regular in our little café – Good to have you, and see you again soon!