Generate visual and actionable insight about your process from raw data in less than 5 minutes.

The revolutionary process mining technology in Disco helps you to create beautiful visual maps from your process data in minutes, not weeks.

Optimize performance, control deviations, or explore variations — Disco does it, easy and fast.

(Requires Windows 8 or later)

Handcrafted by experts

Disco was built by former leading academics with more than eight years of process mining experience. With Disco, we have used our experience from countless process mining projects and designed a tool that fits perfectly into the workflow of professionals.

Optimized for speed

Disco contains the fastest process mining algorithms, and the most efficient log management and filtering framework. On top of that, you get an obsessively streamlined user experience, allowing you to move fast. Because what counts is performance from start to finish.

Designed for humans

Software should serve the user, not the other way around. You are already a process improvement expert, and you shouldn't need to become an expert in using process mining software. With Disco, you don't need to, because we made it intelligent, sane, and fun.

What our users are saying

“Disco is a great process mining tool that simply works: it is able to deal with large event logs and complex models and conversion and filtering are made easy. Performance metrics are shown in a direct and intuitive manner and the history can be animated on the model. Process mining for the masses!”

— Prof. Wil van der Aalst
Eindhoven University of Technology, NL

“Disco is a delight. It's light-years ahead, usability-wise. Fast too. I imported, converted, and generated a beautiful process model and animation from a 30 megabyte file with 150,000 time-stamped events for 30,000 patient visits in less than 10 seconds on a four year-old laptop: impressive!”

— Charles Webster, MD
EHR Workflow Inc., USA

“Very impressed! What I like about Disco is that it allows you to focus on the job at hand rather than the tool. If you're not a process mining expert, you can still harness the power it brings to improve your processes. If the tool distracts you at all, it's because it looks beautiful — it's a joy to work with.”

— Tiese Barrell
Activiti / Salves Development, NL

Automated process discovery
Let Disco do the modeling and focus on the analysis.

The revolutionary process mining technology in Disco can create beautiful and insightful process maps directly from your raw data, automatically. Pick your desired level of abstraction, choose from six process metric visualizations projected right on your map, and create filters directly from activities or paths. No matter how large or complex your process is — Disco will help you make sense of it.

Process map animation
See your process come to life and spot bottlenecks.

Sometimes you need to break out of static and detailed analysis views and see your process from a birds-eye perspective. With Disco you can create breathtaking animations, visualizing your process as it happened, right on your process map. Animation can help you to instantly spot bottlenecks where work is piling up. And of course, it's a surefire way to impress your customers and colleagues.

Detailed Statistics
All the information you will ever need about your log.

How often has this activity been performed? Is Raymond really the fastest in wrapping up support cases as he claims? The statistics view in Disco can answer all these questions, and more than you can imagine. Get an overview about your data from sleek, interactive charts, and drill down into detailed information about each activity, resource, and attribute value. It's all right there, at your fingertips.

Explore your data, down to single cases and events.

Disco can unveil such surprising information that you will end up at a point where you can't believe your own eyes. Has this really happened? In the cases view you can quickly inspect the full history of the relevant cases, and find them with Disco's lightning-fast live search feature. And with our variations explorer you can see which cases follow the sunny day process path and which are exceptions.

The fastest and easiest tool to drill down into your data.

With its powerful set of user-friendly and unbelievably fast log filters, Disco makes it a snap to clean up your process data and to focus your analysis. In Disco, log filtering is a first class citizen. Whether you want to drill down by case performance, timeframe, variation, attributes, event relationships, or endpoints — It's only a moment away with Disco.

Import and export
Happy to eat any data you have, and eager to share.

It has never been easier to import complex CSV and MS Excel files than with Disco. Its unique intelligent mapping feature makes configuration efficient, and sorting your data is magnitudes faster than with any other solution. But Disco will also happily read and write preconfigured data in ProM's MXML format, and in XES, the official IEEE-approved format for event log interchange.

Project management
Keep even large projects under control, no sweat.

Disco makes it so easy and fast to create copies of your data sets, and to filter them down to explore aspects of interest, that you will end up with a lot of data sets. In the project view, you can efficiently manage your data sets, and you can add notes for each of them to remember your insights. If you then want to share your work with a colleague, Disco's project export feature makes it easier than ever.


System requirements

  • macOS 10.15 or later
  • Windows 8 or later
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
  • Dual-core CPU or better recommended
  • At least 5 GB free disk space
  • SSD / fast HD recommended
  • At least 1440x900 display recommended
  • Internet connection recommended

Supported import formats

  • CSV files
  • MS Excel (XLS and XLSX) files
  • MXML and MXML.GZ files (ProM 5)
  • XES and XES.GZ files (ProM 6)
  • FXL Disco log files
  • DSC Disco project files

Export options

  • Export of any data set (or filtered subset) to standard event log formats supported by the leading academic process mining toolkit ProM for advanced analysis
  • Export of history table for individual cases
  • Data set export in CSV format for multiple cases to MS Excel
  • CSV export of tables for custom chart and report generation with MS Excel
  • CSV export of statistics tables for further analysis with statistics tools
  • Copy individual table cells to system clipboard
  • Revolutionary FXL export to share small files which load instantly with other Disco users
  • All charts can be exported as PNG images
  • Option to add start and end activities to exported data sets
  • Anonymization option for case IDs, resources, attributes, and timestamps in all data set export formats
  • Export of complete Disco projects for managing multiple projects or sharing analysis results

Supported log export formats

  • CSV files
  • MXML and MXML.GZ files
  • XES and XES.GZ files
  • FXL Disco log files
  • DSC Disco project files

Process map export

  • PDF vector-based documents
  • PNG images
  • JPEG images

Smart log import

  • Configure Case ID, Activity, Timestamp, Resource, Other attributes, or exclude
  • Smart column configuration
  • Combine multiple columns (Case ID, Activity, Resource)
  • Exclude all / include all shortcuts
  • Easy data reload to change configuration
  • Automatic timestamp pattern detection
  • Supports timestamp patterns up to millisecond precision
  • Visual editor with live preview to easily match custom timestamp pattern
  • Support for multiple timestamp columns with automatic detection of activity start / completion
  • Respects order of rows in data set for activities with same timestamp / without timestamp
  • High-speed import with automatic sorting based on timestamp
  • Imports large data sets with millions of events

Project management

  • Import and management of multiple data sets in one project
  • Efficient and fast data set copy functionality to create data sets as bookmarks for analysis results or reference points
  • Overview display provides a high-level view of each data set
  • Preview of process map with shortcut to map view
  • Basic log statistics with shortcut to statistics view
  • Basic events and cases statistics with shortcut to cases view
  • Shortcut to last visited analysis view
  • Notes feature for writing down remarks, ToDos, insights, or comments
  • Filtering status overview and quick access to filter functionality for each data set in the project
  • Support for loading same data set with multiple import configurations
  • Fast switching between data sets from analysis views
  • Automatic complete persistence of project (application will restore complete project after shutdown and restart)
  • Management of multiple projects supported through project file export and import
  • Sharing of complete analysis project (including all notes, filters, analysis results and views) with other Disco users through project file export and import
  • Renaming and deleting data sets
  • Creating and renaming projects

Automated process discovery

  • Automatic discovery of process model based on imported data
  • Optimized high-speed process discovery algorithm that can deal also with complex and heterogeneous process data
  • Intuitive and modern process visualization
  • Truthful and strictly factual representation
  • Start and end indicators in process map
  • Interactive process simplification controls to seamlessly blend in activities and paths from the core flow to 100%
  • Zoom with slider control and mouse wheel
  • Live text search in process map
  • Integrated process metric visualization
  • Complete set of process metrics for activities and paths
    • Absolute frequency
    • Case frequency
    • Maximum number of repetitions
    • Total duration
    • Mean duration
    • Maximum duration
  • Map metaphor uses coloring of activities, and coloring and thickness of paths, to support process metric visualization
  • Overlay popover with all process metrics at a glance for a specific activity or path
  • Quick filter shortcuts to filter cases that contain a specific activity or path right from the map view

Animation of process maps

  • Fluid animation of any process map with timestamp information
  • Optimized visualization highlights active areas, and preserves short-lived activity through fade-out animation
  • Process map elements grow darker and thicker over time when well-used
  • Playback controls for start / pause and playback speed
  • Intuitive timeline with integrated activity curve, allowing to directly skip to interesting positions
  • Display of current replay time (actual event log time)
  • Full screen view to maximize focus and screen real estate (e.g. for presentations)

Statistics and charts

  • Interactive charts which can be exported to PNG
  • Information-dense table views with integrated histograms, which can be exported to CSV
  • Overview statistics (Number of events, cases, activities, resources, and attributes; start and end timestamp of log)
  • Overview charts with interactive overlay
    • Events over time
    • Active cases over time
    • Case variants (Pareto & histogram)
    • Events per case
    • Case duration (throughput time)
    • Case utilization (active vs. idle time)
    • Mean activity durations
    • Mean waiting times
  • List of cases with number of events, start and end timestamp, and duration
  • List of variants with number of cases, number of events, average duration, and duration range
  • Activity, resource, and attribute statistics (number of values; minimal, maximal, and mean frequency; frequency standard deviation)
  • Activity and resource charts with interactive overlay (Pareto & histogram)
    • Frequency
    • Mean duration
    • Duration range
    • Aggregate duration
  • Detailed table view with sorted list of activities / resources and their absolute and relative frequency, average duration, and duration range
  • Detailed table view for start and end activities / resources
  • Attribute performance chart with frequency of values

Case explorer

  • Complete list of cases in data set
  • Live full text search across case names and all activity, resource, and data attribute values in data set
  • Break-down of data set into variants, where each case features the same sequence of activities
  • Inspect the most common process flows and outliers
  • Frequency and percentage of each variant
  • Complete list of cases following each variant
  • Detailed inspection of individual cases
  • Timeframe chart of case in context to overall log timeline
  • Number of events, start time, duration, and percentage of active time for each case
  • Visual graph view of activity sequence for each case with timestamps, resources, duration, and waiting time between successive steps
  • Detailed table view with compact case history at a glance (activity, resource, start times, duration and complete set of attributes for each event in the case)
  • Export single cases to CSV

Event log filtering

  • Powerful non-destructive filtering capabilities for explorative drill-down and focusing of analysis
  • High-performance filtering architecture for interactive and frequent filtering
  • Quickly accessible from every view
  • Permanent filter option to get a clean starting point after data cleansing or for reference data sets
  • Stacking of multiple filters
  • Reset, undo and cancellation of current filtering activity
  • Filter recommendations based on diagnostics of data set characteristics
  • Permanent graphical feedback (pie charts) on percentage of cases and events covered by current filter settings

Timeframe filter

  • Select cases and events based on a time window
  • Interactive slider control with chart view for quickly selecting time window
  • Alternative calendar control to input a precise start and end timestamp
  • Selection modes with visual legend to include cases (contained, intersecting, started, completed, trim)

Variation filter

  • Focus your analysis on the most common or exceptional cases
  • Interactive slider control with chart view for selecting the upper and lower bounds of variant frequency to be included
  • Coverage feedback about the percentage of cases and percentage, variants, and events that are covered by the current selection

Performance filter

  • Focus on cases based on performance metrics
  • Support for multiple performance metrics (Case duration, number of events, case utilization, total active time, mean active time, maximal active time, total waiting time, mean waiting time, maximal waiting time)
  • Interactive slider control with chart view for selecting the upper and lower bounds of performance metric
  • Coverage feedback indicating the percentage of cases covered by the current selection

Endpoint filter

  • Filter cases based on start and end activities
  • Filter incomplete cases or focus on specific start and end scenarios
  • Supports activity, resource, or any other attribute to determine start and end values
  • Trim cases to a newly specified start and end point
  • Easy to use list selection controls

Attribute filter

  • Focus on certain activities, resources or process categories based on data attributes
  • Supports activity, resource, or any other attribute
  • Removes events with undesired values
  • Option to filter cases based on presence or absence of specific attribute value
  • Easy to use list selection controls

Follower filter

  • Powerful process pattern-oriented filtering
  • Supports activity, resource, or any other attribute
  • Temporal process pattern specification based on directly-follows and eventually-follows semantics
  • 4-eyes filter option that can be used to check for segregation of duty violations
  • Generic option for additional constraint based on equality or inequality of values in other dimension than used in pattern

Automatic software update

  • Automatically downloads application updates in the background
  • Delta updates minimize the amount of data which needs to be downloaded
  • Updates are automatically installed on the next start of Disco
  • Frequent updates with bug fixes and feature enhancements

Integrated help system

  • Sticky notes with explanations and introductions attached to user interface
  • Automatically shown the first time a user interface view is shown
  • Help can be invoked anytime explicitly from a dedicated toolbar button

Integrated feedback

  • Send bug reports, feedback, or suggestions directly from within Disco
  • Feedback popover avoids disrupting your workflow

Sandbox project

  • Enables you to get started quickly without the need for data of your own