Join Us At Process Mining Camp 2024

Process Mining Camp 2024

This year’s Process Mining Camp will run for two full days — Fire up your calendar and block 13 and 14 June 2024 right away!

Since the beginning, we have always been making changes and improvements to the way we run camp. This year, however, we took a big step back and thought about what we can do so that you can get even more out of camp.

You are a dedicated practitioner who is serious about process mining. You want to improve your craft and skills, and level up in your mastery of process mining. At the same time, you want to have deep, meaningful interactions and connect with the global process mining community. This year’s camp is tailor-made for you, the process mining expert!

More time to connect

When you are all on your own, it is easy to walk in circles. You run the risk of getting stuck or drawing the wrong conclusions. Talking to others can snap you out of an impasse and save you a lot of time that you would have spent figuring everything out by yourself.

Meeting other process miners has always been the main feature at each year’s camp. But having just a few minutes over coffee between talks is not enough to get to know each other.

At this year’s camp, you will have two complete days and an entire evening to connect with your process mining peers. At the end of camp, you will have talked to, and know, everyone!

Workshops take center stage

Process mining looks like magic. However, it is, in fact, a craft that you need to develop in your organization. For this, learning and practice are essential.

Our previous workshops at camp were relatively short, and you had to pick one of them. At this year’s camp, we will have a full day of workshops that cover all the important angles of applying process mining.

You will participate in a program of three hands-on workshops that fit together perfectly. These workshops are designed to supercharge your learning by working on concrete, realistic scenarios that you can normally only get from real-life experience.

Discussion roundtables

We all have different perspectives, and we benefit by considering these different angles. At this year’s camp, you will be part of the discussion and contribute your own experience.

We start by collecting challenges and ideas in small groups of up to eight people. The results of these discussion roundtables are then shared with the whole community. They will set the theme for the rest of camp: Throughout these two days, we will sharpen these challenges and their solutions together.

Boot Camp

We want this year’s camp to be a great experience for you, especially if you already consider yourself an advanced process miner. Of course, we also made sure that, if you are still on your way there, process mining camp will help you fill your gaps.

However, what do you do if you are a process mining greenhorn?

For the first time, we offer an optional boot camp training for those who are just starting out with process mining. In two sessions, one week before camp and at the beginning of the first camp day, you will learn all the basics that you need to follow the discussions and start practicing yourself.

Keeping It 100

We are revamping camp in a major way. At the same time, we also want to hold on to the things that have always made process mining camp so special.

No-nonsense practice talks. Process mining professionals from a variety of industries tell us about their projects in honest practice talks. The camp speakers do not only tell success stories but really show what they did. They will also share what did not work for them and what they have learned. If you have never been to camp, you can watch the videos from previous camps here.

Process mining for professionals. Camp is from practitioners for practitioners. No academic weeds, no sales show, and zero hype. Technology is fascinating, but we are not using technology for technology’s sake. We are all singularly focused on creating value for our organizations. Process mining camp, in its essence, is thoroughly pragmatic.

Our annual family meeting. Over the years, thousands of process mining enthusiasts from more than 34 countries have joined camp. You are going to meet people who apply process mining in their daily practice in completely different contexts. They will help you put your own challenges into perspective. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere, and meet old and new friends from all over the world!

See you at camp!

So, this year’s camp will run for two full days. It will go deeper, and it will be more practical than ever. In addition to the camp talks as you know them, we are adding discussion round tables to inform and guide camp. And we have a complete second day with an integrated program of three workshops, so that you can be sure to advance your process mining skills.

Clearly, we are asking more of you. The price tag is higher simply because it costs more to put this type of camp together. And you are committing two days of your time. But you are going to get so much more out of it!

You will get:

  • A hands-on process mining practice that you can get only here
  • New skills and knowledge that you can apply right away
  • Feedback on your own challenges and data sets
  • A perspective on where you stand and where to turn to next
  • Face time with process mining experts
  • Deep and extended exchange with your peers
  • Personal connections that will help you way beyond camp
  • A very comfy t-shirt

→ Sign up now to reserve your spot and lock in your early bird discount!

We are very excited about this year’s camp. We think you are going to love it, and we can’t wait to meet you all in Eindhoven!

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