Workshops At Process Mining Camp 2024

Hands-on practice is at the very heart of this year’s Process Mining Camp on 13 and 14 June. Above, you can watch a short video we recorded to tell you more about the workshops on the second day of camp.

To help you advance your process mining skills, you will get to work on real-life data sets. You will be exposed to the same challenges that you typically also encounter in your own process mining projects, supported by our expert guidance. You will participate in three workshops that fit together perfectly, with each of them focusing on different skills that you need to be successful.

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Here are some further details about the three workshops on the second day of camp:

Workshop 1 · Discovery and Analysis

There is a certain magic in watching an experienced process miner approach a new data set. While they apply standard practices like identifying incomplete cases, they also follow their intuition and explore layers of the process in an iteration of discovery, questions, and analysis cycles.

Sure, it takes domain knowledge to identify the standard process and its deviations. But it is also a question of experience to know what to look out for, which questions to ask, and how to break up the “spaghetti processes” — even if you are not familiar with the process at all.

In this workshop, you are going to practice on a real-life data set. Together, we will discover and analyze this data set in multiple phases. We show you standard practices and discuss the results in each phase before going further. There will be time to apply the same approach to multiple data sets, and you can even bring your own data, if you like!

Workshop 2 · Data Skills

It is important to accept that your process mining data will not be perfect when you start analyzing it. After all, the vast majority of IT systems were not created with process mining in mind. Recognizing these limitations should not discourage you. Instead, embrace it as an opportunity for getting creative! Learn to navigate the available data and its possibilities.

In this workshop, you are going beyond the fundamentals of process mining, typically centered around case IDs, timestamps, and activity logs. More than just talking about these concepts, you are going to experience them together to gain a better understanding of the associated challenges and explore potential remedies.

To achieve this, you will immerse yourself in a practical case. In multiple steps, you will identify and address issues like faulty and missing data. You will explore techniques for combining event logs from different systems. And you will be stretching the boundaries of the data beyond their original design. We’ll also be discussing what the logs of the future might look like, and what steps you can take today to achieve that vision.

Workshop 3 · Organizational Best Practices

How do you translate process mining insights into changes in your organization? How do you make sure that the improvements stick? And how do you develop your process mining projects into a routine and general practice? The challenges for process mining are not only about technical skills. You also need to take strategic and cultural factors into account.

There is no simple recipe for what makes process mining successful. But there are a lot of different lessons that can be derived from both successes and from setbacks. By now, we have all been talking about these challenges and our experiences for two days — in the discussion groups, over dinner and drinks, in the breaks, during the workshops. In this last workshop, we take a step back and collect what we have learned.

Together, we are going to make this really practical. We will list what works, what doesn’t work and in which situation — and we put it into perspective. You will leave camp with new approaches and patterns that you can apply right away in your future process mining projects.

— We can’t wait to see you all in Eindhoven!

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