Get Your Ticket For Process Mining Camp on 21 June 2023 Now!

Process Mining Camp 2023

Process Mining Camp 2023 is coming to the TU/e campus in Eindhoven on Wednesday, 21 June — and you can reserve your seat now!

Come for a day full of inspiring practice talks from professionals who apply process mining for all kinds of use cases — from process improvement, over auditing, to customer journey analysis. After a refreshing lunch, join one of our workshops. Here you can dive into a process mining topic of your choice, in depth, together with a small group of fellow campers.

We are finally ready to share the detailed program for this year’s camp here, and we think you’re going to love it!

A lot of people who have come to their first camp tell me afterward: “That was really nice!” And I reply: “I know!” So, if you have been on the fence, wondering whether camp is the right place for you, or whether you’ll fit in – the answer is, most likely: Yes!

Process Mining Camp has always had a very special atmosphere, a certain vibe. Here is what, for me, sets camp apart – what makes it different from other events and conferences:

  • Camp talks go deep. In their practice talks, our speakers show you what they have been doing, including tips and tricks, but also stumbles and mistakes. They are not peddling corporate success stories, but they want to share their personal, professional development. And, more often than not, you will find a lot to take home into your own practice.

  • The speakers are one of us. They use process mining just as you do. They have often attended camp themselves in the past, and they are eager to share their story with all of you. And of course they’re here for camp like the rest of us, to learn from people like you.

  • The attendees are all process mining professionals themselves. You can talk to anyone, and you can be sure to learn something. A discipline like process mining thrives on the lively, open, and friendly exchange between professionals. This is what camp is all about!

  • You are in the arena. Join one of our workshops in the afternoon, and expand your practice hands-on. But also in the Q&A after talks, in the hallway, and in the lunch, dinner, and coffee breaks – you will find that camp is, most of all, the community meetup for process miners like you. It is all about sharing your ideas, questions, and experiences with other process miners.

Early bird tickets are available until 17 May, but don’t wait and secure your ticket right away! We have limited seats because we want people to have the chance to really get to know each other.

Food and drinks are included. With the return of last year’s popular BBQ at the end of the day, we will even have our own little campfire. You will leave, maybe a little tired, but certainly inspired, and with new friends in the community.

Don’t miss Process Mining Camp 2023 and sign up now. Whether you are a beginner, or you have been working with process mining for many years – I am sure you will go home with lots of relevant insights for your own work.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know by email to, or however you prefer to get in touch.

We can’t wait to see you all in Eindhoven on 21 June!

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

Market, customers, and everything else

Anne knows how to mine a process like no other. She has conducted a large number of process mining projects with companies such as Philips Healthcare, Océ, ASML, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, and many others.