Process Mining Camp 2021: Friday

Process Mining Camp 2021

Process Mining Camp is just one week away. There are less than a handful of tickets left, so get yours now and sign up here if you want to come!

To get ready for camp, you can watch the recordings of Process Mining Camp 2021. If you have missed them before, watch the kick-off of last year’s camp, the audit day, the manufacturing day, and our camp day focused on process owners. Today, we bring you the recordings of the fifth and last day. The Friday was all about robots.

It started with the closing keynote by Wil van der Aalst, where he argued for a hybrid automation approach with the human in the loop. Together with Wil, we then talked about robots, ethics, and the future of machine learning with Manuela Veloso, Head of AI Research at JPMorgan Chase.

Man or Machine: Hybrid Intelligence

Process mining is not a magic wand. It is a discipline that requires a smart human being who can make the connection between the data and the underlying business process — with the help of the process mining tool. You have to apply your domain knowledge to interpret the results and develop improvement ideas.

Pundits love to tell us which professions will be replaced by robots any day now. All the while, the smart devices in our pockets and at home are not as smart as we would like them to be. Where exactly lies the boundary between what machines can do, and what will humans continue to do well into the future? In his closing keynote, Wil explored the questions of where technology outperforms humans, where human intelligence is needed, and where both blend together to combine the best of both worlds.

Process Mining Café: Robot Ethics

Human-AI interaction has many challenges. For example, organizations are reluctant to deploy learned policies if they do not trust them because they don’t understand them. Explainability research tries to address this by creating explanations for otherwise black-boxed models. Furthermore, ethical considerations and data privacy play a role.

Together with Manuela and Wil, we discuss misconceptions about artificial intelligence and how realistic expectations can lead to more productive learning systems.

Process Mining Camp takes place on Thursday, 23 June 2022. Add the time to your calendar and register now for this year’s camp!

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

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