Process Mining Camp 2021

Come join us at camp!

Process Mining Camp is where professionals gather to learn from their peers. A place where you can meet fellow explorers and exchange ideas, tips, and experiences. Old-timers and greenhorns alike, this is where we get down to business and share stories from the frontier at the campfire.

Whether you are an expert or have just recently heard of process mining, here you can meet other people who are just as curious and passionate about process mining as you are. Learn about how others are using process mining, and what they have to tell you.

  • Meet the Community

    Process mining is used by people all around the world, for hundreds of different use cases. At camp, you will meet people who face the same challenges as you, and exchange experiences. Campers are curious, driven, and nice people who are spearheading process mining initiatives in their organization.

  • Learn from Practice Talks

    Learn how others are using process mining. We have asked some practitioners to tell us their story. They will share all about their successes, the difficulties they faced, and their best tips and tricks.

  • Hang out in the Café

    Survey the wide landscape of process mining, meet experienced process mining practitioners, and join us as we dive deeper in our café sessions. Take your time to continue the discussion with your fellow campers on our camp Slack.

  • Get busy in the Lab

    Join your fellow process miners in our lab sessions, where we all learn to master some of the most typical and tricky challenges of process mining together.

Process Mining Camp 2021

31 May – 4 June 2021

World-wide, online, and digital.

All talks are in English.

  • Meet your fellow process miners.
  • Learn from honest practice talks.
  • Join us for a chat in the café.
  • Get your hands dirty in the lab.

Camp is over... for now.

Thank you all for joining us at this year's camp. We have packed up here for the year, but you can always come visit us in the café! Hungry for more? Sure thing, tiger — Sign up for our camp mailing list to be among the first to find out what's next for camp!

Breaking it down ·The Camp Program

Day 1 ·Monday, 31 May


Anne Rozinat· Fluxicon

Welcome & Opening Keynote.


Daan Jabroer· Volksbank, The Netherlands

How analysts and domain experts complement each other.
→


Café ·Mind the gap

We discuss best practices for process improvement with Sudhendu Rai and Daan Jabroer.
→

Day 2 ·Tuesday, 1 June


Lab ·Exploration

Join us on a fishing expedition!
→


Jasmine Handler & Andreas Preslmayr · City of Vienna, Austria

Tame the complexity by focusing on the right questions.
→


Café ·Compliance for the win

We talk about auditing with Mieke Jans, Jasmine Handler, and Andreas Preslmayer.
→

Day 3 ·Wednesday, 2 June


Lab ·Spaghetti

Get a taste for taming the chaos.
→


Minh Chau Nguyen & Klaus Kühnel· Wacker Chemie AG, Germany

Managing productivity in the digitized industry.
→


Café ·Shop floor talk

We dive into Lean manufacturing with Joris Keizers, Minh Chau Nguyen, and Klaus Kühnel.
→

Day 4 ·Thursday, 3 June


Lab ·Data

Get that data into shape.
→


Gary Bonneau· Cox Communications, USA

From disparate data sources to end-to-end process visibility.
→


Café ·Make your data work

We talk data with Carmen Lasa Gómez, Javier García Algarra, and Gary Bonneau.
→

Day 5 ·Friday, 4 June


Wil van der Aalst· RWTH Aachen, Germany

Closing Keynote on “Man or Machine: Hybrid Intelligence”.
→


Café ·Robot ethics

We discuss robots and humans with Manuela Veloso and Wil van der Aalst.
→



We pack up, round off the camp, and say our goodbyes before we ride into the sunset.

All practice, no preaching ·Meet the family

Process Mining Camp is the first conference worldwide that is focused exclusively on the practical application of process mining.

Listen to information-packed practice talks, and talk shop with other process miners. You will love the enthusiastic atmosphere, and make new friends with process mining enthusiasts from all over the world.

Audience at Process Mining Camp 2017
Break at Process Mining Camp 2018
Wil van der Aalst at Process Mining Camp 2019
Break at Process Mining Camp 2018

Since 2012, Process Mining Camp has become the annual family meeting for the process mining community.

Every year, hundreds of process mining enthusiasts from all over the world have come together in Eindhoven — some have joined us from places as far away as Australia, Korea, Brasil, the USA, and Japan. Last year, we took to the internet for our first digital summer camp. Join us back at our virtual campground this year!

Tales from the frontier ·Talks you will remember

Practice talks are the heart and soul of Process Mining Camp. We have asked a number of smart process mining professionals to share their knowledge and experiences with you, no holds barred.

Every talk is followed by questions from the audience. For a deeper discussion, and for more considered takes, we continue the conversation around the campfire on Slack.

Daan JabroerVolksbank, The Netherlands

Volksbank is a Dutch bank that includes brands such as SNS, ASN Bank, RegioBank, and BLG Wonen. Daan Jabroer is a business improvement consultant at Volksbank.

For more than eleven years, Daan has worked on architecting, (re)designing, modeling, and improving the business processes at various banks. The processes are constantly changing and process mining is a great tool to explore the impact of these changes over time. However, for Daan, the real value lies in the collaboration between the process mining analyst and the domain expert. Only together they are able to learn new things and question the status quo.

Jasmine Handler & Andreas PreslmayrCity of Vienna, Austria

The City of Vienna Court of Audit is an autonomous and independent public audit institution for the municipality City of Vienna. Jasmine Handler and Andreas Preslmayr are both auditors at the City of Vienna Court of Audit and audit financial operations, security, and safety regulations of the public entities of the city.

Last year, Jasmine and Andreas audited one of Austria’s largest infrastructure groups: The Wiener Stadtwerke. In this audit, they used process mining to evaluate the correctness, compliance, efficiency, and expediency of the control system. At camp, Jasmine and Andreas will share their approach and best practices. They will show how they got from the raw data to concrete insights and recommendations from an audit perspective.

Minh Chau Nguyen & Klaus KühnelWacker Chemie AG, Germany

Wacker is a German chemical company that produces silicone rubbers, polymer products, biotech solutions, and polysilicon and wafers for the semiconductor industry. Minh Chau Nguyen is a digitalization manager and Klaus Kühnel is a project and program management practitioner at Wacker.

Together, Minh Chau and Klaus will demonstrate how process mining complements existing analysis tools in the toolbox of a productivity manager in the era of digitized industries. Domain knowledge is necessary to generate improvement ideas and multi-disciplinary teams are needed to implement the change. They will show two concrete cases from analyzing the polysilicon production process.

Gary BonneauCox Communications, USA

Cox Communications is an American company that provides digital cable television, telecommunications, and home automation services in the United States. Gary Bonneau is a senior manager for product operations at Cox Business (the business side of Cox Communications).

Gary has been working in the telecommunications industry for over two decades and — after following the topic for many years — is a bit of a process mining veteran as well. Now, he is putting process mining to use to visualize his own fulfillment processes. The business life cycles are very complex and multiple data sources need to be connected to get the full picture. At camp, Gary will share the dos and don'ts and take-aways of his experience.

Man or Machine: Hybrid Intelligence

Closing Keynote byWil van der Aalst

Process mining is not a magic wand. It is a discipline that requires a smart human being who can make the connection between the data and the underlying business process — with the help of the process mining tool. You have to apply your domain knowledge to interpret the results and develop improvement ideas.

Pundits love to tell us which professions will be replaced by robots any day now. All the while, the smart devices in our pockets and at home are not as smart as we would like them to be. Where exactly lies the boundary between what machines can do, and what will humans continue to do well into the future? In his closing keynote, Wil explores the questions of where technology outperforms humans, where human intelligence is needed, and where both blend together to combine the best of both worlds.

Wil van der Aalst is the founding father of process mining. When he started to work on “workflow mining”, as it used to be called way back, nobody believed the necessary data even existed. As a full professor at RWTH Aachen University, Wil has supervised countless PhD and Master students on the topic and is head of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining. He is the author of the book “Process Mining: Data Science in Action” and the creator of the popular Process Mining MOOC.

Hello hot stuff ·Chilling at the Café

Hard and concrete cases are only one side of the equation. Sometimes, you need to take a step back to see the full picture. We are all looking to have informal, unscripted, and open-ended conversations, like you would have in a coffee break.

So, we have invited some of our former camp speakers to join the speakers of the day for our infamous Process Mining Café. Together, we will take a step back and discuss the broader process mining questions of their field.

Monday, 31 May ·Mind the gap

Does it make a difference which improvement methodology is used with process mining? How do you best explain process mining to others? And how do you ensure that the right actions are taken after the analysis? Together with Sudhendu and Daan, we will discuss the typical questions and the daily challenges of a process improvement practitioner working with process mining.

Sudhendu Rai· AIG, United States

Sudhendu is Head of Data-Driven Process Optimization in AIG's Investments organization and combined process mining with discrete-event simulation in the past.

Daan Jabroer· Volksbank, The Netherlands

Daan is an experienced business improvement consultant and leads RPA, Lean Six Sigma, OPEX, Process Architecture, and Data Analytics at Volksbank.

Tuesday, 1 June ·Compliance for the win

When you apply process mining for audits, some special requirements emerge that are less relevant in a process improvement context. What are these requirements, which type of auditor uses process mining, and is it a problem if there are too many exceptions when looking at the full dataset? Together with Mieke, Jasmine, and Andreas, we will discuss how process mining impacts the traditional audit methodology.

Mieke Jans· Hasselt University, Belgium

Mieke is an Associate Professor at Hasselt University and has been working on process mining in audit for more than 15 years.

Jasmine Handler· City of Vienna, Austria

Jasmine is an auditor at the City of Vienna Court of Audit and just completed a very thorough audit with process mining for the Wiener Stadtwerke.

Andreas Preslmayr· City of Vienna, Austria

Andreas is also an auditor at the City of Vienna Court of Audit and worked with Jasmine on the same audit project, so both have their experiences fresh on their mind.

Wednesday, 2 June ·Shop floor talk

A core aspect of Lean Manufacturing is that you “walk the GEMBA”: Managers physically visit the production lines to look for waste and opportunities in the process. With process mining you analyze the process based on data, at a remove from the actual manufacturing process. Together with Joris, Minh Chau, and Klaus, we will discuss whether this is a problem and — if so — how it can be overcome.

Joris Keizers· Veco Precision, The Netherlands

Joris is Director Lean at Veco Precision and previously demonstrated how process mining helped to cut the lead time of their core production process in half.

Minh Chau Nguyen· Wacker Chemie AG, Germany

Minh Chau is a digitalization manager and originally introduced process mining at Wacker through her Master thesis in 2017.

Klaus Kühnel· Wacker Chemie AG, Germany

Klaus is an experienced productivity manager and Master Backbelt for Six Sigma who has now integrated process mining into his toolbox.

Thursday, 3 June ·Make your data work

Process mining provides a new autonomy to process owners who can finally analyze their own process without long IT projects or consultant teams. Together with Carmen, Javier, and Gary, we will discuss how you can get best started to look for and request data that you can analyze on your own, how you can embed process mining in your day-to-day responsibilities, and what kind of skill profile is needed for an independent process miner.

Carmen Lasa Gómez· Telefónica, Spain

Carmen is a team leader for BI & Analytics & Processes at Telefónica and discovered operational drifts in their IT service management processes with process mining.

Javier García Algarra· U-tad University, Spain

Javier is Head of the Department of Engineering at U-tad university and analyzed the incident and work order processes at Telefónica together with Carmen in the past.

Gary Bonneau· Cox Communications, United States

Gary is a senior manager for product operations at Cox Business and currently knee-deep into various process mining initiatives.

Friday, 4 June ·Robot ethics

Human-AI interaction has many challenges. For example, organizations are reluctant to deploy learned policies if they do not trust them because they don't understand them. Explainability research tries to address this by creating explanations for otherwise black-boxed models. Furthermore, ethical considerations and data privacy play a role. Together with Manuela and Wil, we will discuss misconceptions about artificial intelligence and how realistic expectations can lead to more productive learning systems.

Manuela Veloso· JPMorgan Chase, United States

Manuela is Head of AI Research at JPMorgan Chase and Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Wil van der Aalst· RWTH Aachen, Germany

Wil is a full professor at RWTH Aachen University and the founding father of process mining.

Hone your skills ·Welcome to the lab

Listening to the experts is helpful, inspiring, and entertaining. But there is no substitute for the real thing: Getting your own hands dirty!

Join us in the brand-new Process Mining Lab, and test your process mining skills on real data. We will release the daily challenge on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during camp. You can then get to work on the challenge in your own time, while you keep in touch with the rest of us in our camp Slack.

Then, every next day you can join our live, interactive sessions with Rudi. We will take about two hours each day to talk about the solutions, address any questions, and exchange our personal experiences.

Yes, everyone can join, even if you're new to process mining. And if you are already an advanced process miner, we have some more complex challenges for you as well — Show us what you got, put your skills to the test, and think outside the box! Are you up for the challenge?

Exploration Lab· Tuesday, 1 June

Answering specific questions is not the only way to use process mining — it also lets you discover issues that you didn't even know about before.

Just by looking at the data, and by making sense of what you see, you will get new ideas. In this exploration challenge, we provide you with an unknown data set that you explore to identify key questions and hypotheses.

Spaghetti Lab· Wednesday, 2 June

Processes start looking complicated very quickly when you analyze them with process mining. Every little exception is shown in the process map. The problem with these complex pictures is that they are not very useful, because they are too detailed to give you meaningful insights.

In this spaghetti challenge, we present you with a data set and a set of simplification strategies. Learn to get data to the right level to start your process analysis on the good foot.

Data Lab· Thursday, 3 June

Sometimes, the data comes out of your system exactly like you need it. But more often than not you need to tweak it, combine multiple data sources, or transform the data somehow to get it ready for your analysis.

In this data lab, you will test your data transformation skills on some real data — and we'll teach you some new tricks to crack even more data nuts.

Vox populi ·What previous years' campers are saying

Wil van der Aalst

“Process mining camp is the place to be for process mining practitioners. The camp enables process mining enthusiasts to share practical experiences and learn best practices. Moreover, it facilitates community building through the unique setup of the camp.”

— Prof. Wil van der Aalst

RWTH Aachen, Germany

Alberto Manuel

“If there is an event you should attend to actually learn about process mining, and how it is making a difference by helping organizations to change and adapt faster, this is the one for which you should save the date.”

— Alberto Manuel

ProcessSphere, Portugal

Samuel Itzikowitz

“Especially as a beginner in the field, I found the camp extremely informative, educational and important for me. It was not easy for me to make the trip but now, afterwards, I feel so good and so happy that I made the effort.”

— Prof. Samuel Itzikowitz

COMAS, Israel

Frank van Geffen

“As the founder of the KNVI Special Interest Group on Process Mining I endorse the sharing of knowledge across the process mining community. In my experience, ‘The Camp’ is the place to be if you want to experience the world-wide application of process mining. It's leading edge, realistic and down to earth. A great way to expand your network — and you just might get that breakthrough you needed for conducting successful process mining projects.”

— Frank van Geffen

Rabobank & KNVI, Netherlands

Ward Steeman

“In our company we are extremely focused on processes, and we see process mining as a valuable technique to quickly understand how processes are executed in reality. The process mining camps have been very important for us to learn about the possibilities and limitations. Rather than process mining as only a ‘technique’, for us it's the place to listen to other companies revealing their experience with process mining.”

— Ward Steeman

Volvo, Belgium

Mitchell Cunningham

“Attending process mining camp was a great opportunity to learn from other process mining practitioners in a relaxed and informal setting. Particularly helpful were presentations and discussions around key process mining challenges including aligning process mining efforts to organisational culture and obtaining and preparing process data.”

— Mitchell Cunningham

Suncorp, Australia

Get a taste of camp ·Check out past talks

Here are some of our favorite talks from the previous camps. Kick back, and find out for yourself what all the fuzz is about!

Process Mining At a Global Telco

Carmen Lasa Gómez (Telefónica)

Due to Carmen and her team's analysis, the percentage of work orders that are out of window could be decreased from 62% to 5% within just one year.

Manufacturing Improvement

Joris Keizers (Veco)

Joris demonstrated how process mining has helped to cut the lead time of their core production process in half by unlocking relevant process knowledge of key employees who have less of a feeling for statistical methods.

Skills For Successful Process Scientists

Wil van der Aalst (RWTH Aachen)

The final speaker at Process Mining Camp 2018 was Wil van der Aalst, the founding father of process mining. In his closing keynote, Wil talked about the updated skill set that process and data scientists need today.

You can find more talks from all camps here.

Anne Rozinat, Rudi Niks, and Christian W. Günther from Fluxicon

Your Hosts For the Week

We are Anne and Christian from Fluxicon, and we love process mining. After finishing our PhDs with Wil van der Aalst in Eindhoven, we founded Fluxicon with two goals in mind. For one, we want to build the best process mining software for professionals. At least as important a goal for us is to spread the word about process mining, to grow the process mining community worldwide, and to bring the community closer together. In 2017, we found our perfect third team member Rudi.

For us, Process Mining Camp is that dream come to life. The whole process mining community is coming together in one place. No academic talks, and no sales show. At camp, we focus squarely and exclusively on the practical application of process mining.

In 2012, more than 70 smart and driven people joined us for the first Process Mining Camp. In 2013, we moved Process Mining Camp to the Zwarte Doos and added workshops, and we had a great day with more than 100 process mining enthusiasts from all over the world. In 2014, camp tickets sold out very quickly, and process mining enthusiasts from more than 16 countries came for a varied program including workshops, keynotes, and a panel discussion. In 2015, we moved to the auditorium to make more room, and since then the 220 seats have quickly filled up each year, bringing process mining enthusiasts from hundreds of different companies and a total of 34 different countries to Eindhoven. Since 2017, Process Mining Camp has grown into a two-day event with the workshop seats selling out in just a couple of days.

Last year, we were trying something new with the first all-online camp. Together, we proved that the process mining community and the spirit of camp is not just alive and well — Getting together with all of you for an online camp is a very special, exciting, and inclusive thing in its own right!

We can't wait to meet you again in the great digital open, around the digital campfire of our camp Slack! If there is anything we can help you with preparing for camp, or if you have questions, just shoot us an email at

We hope to see you at camp soon,

Yours truly

Process Mining Camp 2021 is supported by Eindhoven University of Technology and
the IEEE Task Force for Process Mining.

Process Mining Camp 2021 is organized by Fluxicon.