Livestream for Process Mining Camp 2022

Process Mining Camp 2022

No dice getting a ticket for Process Mining Camp tomorrow? You are in luck — We are going to provide a livestream1, so you can watch the talks from the comfort of your home!

Tune in live for Process Mining Camp by visiting tomorrow, Thursday, 23 June, at 10:00 CEST. The program will run until 18:00. Check your timezone here and add the time to your calendar if you don’t want to miss it.

There is no registration required. Simply point your browser to when it is time. You can watch the camp talks and add your questions for the Q&A while we are on the air, right there on the camp website.

See you tomorrow, in Eindhoven and all around the world!

  1. Presuming fair internet weather and technology climate, so fingers crossed! ↩︎

Christian W. Günther

Christian W. Günther

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