Process Mining Camp 2021: Wednesday

Process Mining Camp 2021

The Early Bird deadline for this year’s Process Mining Camp passes tomorrow at 12:00 CEST. Join us if you can and sign up now!

To get ready for camp, you can watch the recordings of Process Mining Camp 2021. If you have missed them before, watch the kick-off of last year’s camp and the audit day. Today, we bring you the recordings of the third day. The Wednesday was all about process mining in manufacturing.

It started with the report of two impressive improvement projects by Minh Chau Nguyen and Klaus Kühnel from Wacker. Minh Chau, Klaus, and I then dove into Lean manufacturing with the process mining veteran Joris Keizers, who achieved a 50% cycle time reduction for Veco’s core production process.

Process Mining at Wacker

Wacker is a German chemical company that produces silicone rubbers, polymer products, biotech solutions, and polysilicon and wafers for the semiconductor industry. Minh Chau is a digitalization manager and Klaus is a project and program management practitioner at Wacker.

Minh Chau and Klaus have seen how process mining complements existing analysis tools in the toolbox of a productivity manager in the era of digitized industries. They showed two concrete cases from analyzing the polysilicon production process at Wacker. One of the projects has resulted in saving the company 17 million Euros per year and the other one lead to a cost reduction of 400 thousand Euros per year.

Process Mining Café: Shop Floor Talk

A core aspect of Lean Manufacturing is that you “walk the GEMBA”: Managers physically visit the production lines to look for waste and opportunities in the process. With process mining you analyze the process based on data, at a remove from the actual manufacturing process.

Together with Joris, Minh Chau, and Klaus, we discuss whether this is a problem and — if so — how it can be overcome.

Stay tuned for the videos from the following days of camp.

Process Mining Camp takes place on Thursday, 23 June 2022. Add the time to your calendar and register now for this year’s camp!

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Anne Rozinat

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