Time Capsule — Erik Davelaar at Process Mining Camp 2014

To celebrate our brand-new home for camp talks we are releasing the talks from Process Mining Camp 2013 and 2014 for the first time. Grab a snack, sit back, and enjoy the journey through time, back to the early stages of our process mining community from six years ago!

Erik Davelaar at KPMG: The Benefits of Process Mining in Auditing (Netherlands)

Erik Davelaar is an IT auditor at KPMG. He sees that one main benefit of process mining for the auditor is that they get a higher degree of assurance during the audit. Instead of using just a sample of 25 cases, all cases of the year can be analyzed. After a number of pilots in the leasing sector and at a mortgage provider he could convince his audit colleagues at their financial sector clients of the added value.

In one project, the processes were different for every country, and process mining helped to understand and audit these differences. In another project, the access rights were not enforced on the system level, but with process mining the segregation of duty violations could still be assessed objectively. And in the third project deviations from the expected process were found.

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Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

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Anne knows how to mine a process like no other. She has conducted a large number of process mining projects with companies such as Philips Healthcare, Océ, ASML, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, and many others.