Time Capsule — Process Mining Perspectives Panel at Process Mining Camp 2014

To celebrate our brand-new home for camp talks we are releasing the talks from Process Mining Camp 2013 and 2014 for the first time. Grab a snack, sit back, and enjoy the journey through time, back to the early stages of our process mining community from six years ago!

Panel: Process Mining Perspectives

The closing panel discussion brought together different process mining perspectives. Wil van der Aalst (representing academia) was joined by Frank van Geffen (representing industry), Nicholas Hartman (representing consultancies), Christian Günther from Fluxicon, and two industry analysts, Marc Kerremans from Gartner and Neil Ward-Dutton from MWD Advisors in the UK.

The discussion was very lively and followed up on a number of themes that were brought up earlier throughout the day.

One of the themes was around adoption. While Marc Kerremans said that process mining was quickly climbing the Gartner hype cycle, Neil Ward-Dutton disagreed and insisted that we are much earlier in the adoption curve than that.

This was also discussed in the context of maturity: 90% of the business people use a pen, paper, Powerpoint, and Visio for process improvement. Process mining can provide huge benefits here also without combining it with other tools like data mining.

Wil van der Aalst suggested that today’s business analysts need to become nerdier to use new technologies. Furthermore, Frank van Geffen made the point that organizations need to create space for innovation. They need to allow people to experiment with new techniques like process mining to be able to eventually roll them out broadly and productively as done at the Rabobank.

Finally, it was also discussed that once one is using data-driven analysis techniques like process mining, one needs to ensure that data and analysis results are used responsively and in accordance with the rules and ethics of the society and the company.

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Anne Rozinat

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