Process Mining Camp 2014 — Fireside Chat with Erik Davelaar

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As a warm-up for camp, we have asked some of the speakers for an up-front interview. Previously, we have already spoken with Frank van Geffen from the Rabobank, with Johan Lammers from the Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, with Shaun Moran from Customer Dimension Analytics, Antonio Valle from G2, Nicholas Hartman from CKM Advisors, and John Müller from ING.

Erik Davelaar

Today, you can read the last interview with Erik Davelaar.

Erik is IT auditor at KPMG and at camp he will share his experience about how process mining fits into the auditing and compliance practice.

Interview with Erik

Anne: Hi Erik, thank you for sharing your experiences at camp! You are specializing on process mining in the IT audit area. How well-known is process mining among auditors today?

Erik: Hello Anne, thank you for having me. The past year I have been trying to convince our audit colleagues of the added value of process mining. After a number of pilots in the leasing sector and one at a mortgage provider we have convinced our audit colleagues at our financial sector clients of the added value.

This year we will use process mining at almost all our relevant financial sector clients. However we also have a large client base in the corporate clients sector. In this sector we have not yet used process mining. At the moment we are exploring the possibilities to use process mining at these clients. So the auditors in the financial sector are well aware of the possibilities of process mining, but we need to convince a lot more colleagues in other sectors.

Anne: Right! From your experience in all these projects in the financial sector, who is benefitting more from process mining and why: the auditor or the auditee?

Erik: That is kind of hard to say, it depends a bit on the client and the case.

For the auditor one of the biggest benefits is that they get a higher degree of assurance during the audit. Instead of using just a sample of 25 of the cases, all cases of the year are analyzed.

The biggest benefit for the auditee is that the audit is more efficient and fewer resources of the organization are needed during the audit.

There are more benefits for both the auditor and the auditee, but I will discuss these more in-depth during my presentation at the camp.

Anne: Excellent, thank you. We are looking forward to your talk and see you tomorrow at camp!

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Process Mining Camp takes place on 18 June in Eindhoven! Tickets are sold out for this year’s camp but why don’t you sign up for the camp email list? You will receive the links to the video recordings of the talks, and you will be the first to know when the registration opens for next year…

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