Process Miner of the Year 2016!

The Process Miner of the Year Trophy Admired by Eindhoven’s cows

Process Mining Camp on 10 June was amazing. More than 210 process mining practitioners from 165 different companies and 20 (!) countries came together to learn from each other. If you could not make it, sign up for the camp mailing list to receive the presentations and video recordings once they become available here.

At the end of the day, we had the pleasure to hand out the very first Process Miner of the Year award. There are now so many more applications of process mining than there were just a few years ago. With the Process Miner of the Year competition, we wanted to stimulate companies to showcase their greatest projects and get recognized for their success.

We received many outstanding submissions, and it was very difficult to choose a winner.

The Winner

Our goal with the Process Miner of the Year awards is to highlight process mining initiatives that are inspiring, captivating, and interesting. Projects that demonstrate the power of process mining, and the transformative impact it can have on the way organizations go about their work and get things done. We hope that learning about these great process mining projects will inspire all of you and show newcomers to the process mining field how powerful process mining can be.

In the end, we decided to give this year’s award to Veco’s Joris Keizers, who – together with five colleagues – had submitted their case. You can watch the video recording of the awards ceremony above.

The reasons why we chose Veco are:

  1. It is inspiring to see a manufacturing process analyzed with process mining – Most of the process mining projects today are performed for service processes,

  2. Their analysis had a huge impact – The lead time of their core production process was cut in half,

  3. The fact that they performed a Measurement System Analysis – Ensuring data validity is very important, and in the process mining space we can learn from the best practices in existing data analysis approaches and methodologies, and

  4. Most importantly, they demonstrated the power of leveraging human knowledge with process mining in a beautiful way in this case – Key people who work in the process but are not necessarily statically versed could be involved in the analysis to contribute.

You can read the full case study here and watch Joris’ presentation at last year’s Process Mining Camp here.

We congratulate Joris and the whole Veco team for their achievement!

The Award

The Process Miner of the Year 2016 Trophy

To signify the achievement of winning the Process Miner of the Year awards, we commissioned a unique, one-of-a-kind trophy. The Process Miner of the Year 2016 trophy is sculpted from two joined, solid blocks of plum and robinia wood, signifying the raw log data used for Process Mining. A horizontal copper inlay points to the value that Process Mining can extract from that log data, like a lode of ore embedded in the rocks of a mine.

It’s a unique piece of art that could not remind us in any better way of the wonderful possibilities that process mining opens up for all of us every day.

Joris received the Process Miner of the Year 2016 trophy on behalf of his team during the awards ceremony at camp.

Process Miner of the Year 2016 Award Ceremony

Submit your own project next year!

We would like to thank all the other process miners who submitted great work as well. And we hope that you will all submit your projects next year, because there will be a new Process Miner of the Year!

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