Academic Initiative for Process Mining

Fluxicon Academic Initiative for Process Mining

About ten years ago, when Anne and myself were still studying for our Master’s degree at the HPI Potsdam in Germany, we first heard about process mining in a BPM seminar given by Mathias Weske. We became so fascinated with this new technology, and with the BPM domain itself that, by the end of 2004, we moved to Eindhoven to start working on a PhD in process mining with Wil van der Aalst and his outstanding research group.

With this background, saying that we owe a lot to the academic community is rather an understatement. Also, as former academics we are of course still very passionate about research and education, and we wanted to give something back to the academic community.

This is why today we are proud to announce the “Fluxicon Academic Initiative for Process Mining”, our new program to support research and education in process mining around the world!

What we have to offer

For our academic partners we provide:

Nitro fills the gap between real-life logs and ProM. It helps researchers to focus on their case study, or a new process mining algorithm. In an education setting, it allows students to experience the whole scope of a process mining project, starting from raw CSV data.

  • Slides and instructions for a process mining hands-on tutorial based on Nitro and ProM.

We have given this tutorial multiple times, and it has been used successfully at several universities already. It is a great starting point for including process mining in BPM courses or seminars.

We hope to grow the set of teaching materials over time with the help of our academic partners. We are convinced that it is essential to support education in process mining, a technology that we believe will shape the future of BPM.

Academic Partners

We are excited and immensely grateful that 20 universities are joining us as launching partners of our Academic Initiative, including some of the most excellent institutes for BPM and process mining research and education around the globe:

Map of our academic partners

But we don’t want you to think of this as an elitist circle – if you can’t find your university on this list, please get in touch with us and let’s make it happen!

Christian W. Günther

Christian W. Günther

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