Spend your time with analysis,
don't get lost in conversion.

You should not have to program or enter cryptic SQL queries just to convert an event log.

Nitro reads your data from CSV (comma-separated values) or Microsoft Excel files and converts it to MXML or XES logs that you can load in ProM.

Quick and easy.

(Requires Java 1.5 or later)


and just a download away

See whether Nitro works for you.

  • Up to 500 events
  • Full functionality
  • Basic support

€ 495 per month

or € 1,950 per year (excl. VAT)

For consultants and smaller projects.

  • Up to 10 mio. events
  • Full functionality
  • Standard support

€ 1,950 per month

or € 19,500 per year (excl. VAT)

For mining experts and larger projects.

  • No data limit
  • Full functionality
  • Priority support

We want to support research and education in process mining around the world. Through our Academic Initiative for process mining, we provide free Nitro tickets and course material to researchers and students of our partner universities.

See whether your university is one of our partners!

Smart by design.

Other software makes you configure even the most straightforward options.

We want to save your time and nerves, so we have made Nitro smart — It can figure out a lot of this stuff on his own and keeps you sane.

Ride the rocket.

Some tools don't like real data. They make you wait for days, or they just freeze and crash.

Nitro gives you best-of-class performance even for millions of events. Because you shouldn't have to wait any longer than necessary.

We hear you.

Have you discovered a bug? Or did you have an idea for what we could add to Nitro? No need to stop what you're doing.

Nitro includes a feedback and bug reporting feature, so you don't have to leave to drop us a note.

Always up to date.

We update Nitro frequently. But we also know that downloading and installing updates can be a pain.

That is why we included an automatic update feature in Nitro. It keeps your copy of Nitro fresh, so you don't have to.