Nitro 2.0.2

I just wanted to briefly let you know about two small updates we made to Nitro this week.

Fixing bugs…

On Tuesday, Joos alerted us to two bugs that were present in Nitro 2.0.0. The first one is especially annoying, since it led to the fact that you would see our “demo limitation” dialog every time after you exported a log – even if your log was below the demo limit (or the limit set by your ticket).

Export limit dialog

The only time you should see this dialog is of course in a situation like above, when you have actually exceeded the export limit.

The other bug was a problem where exporting a certain type of event logs to XES would result in files that could not be properly loaded by ProM 6. Both these bugs were fixed in Nitro 2.0.1, which was released yesterday.

…and adding features

Today we received a feature request from Martina, who asked whether it was possible to export the information shown in the analysis view to Excel. That is actually an awesome idea, and I wondered why I did not think of this in the first place. Sometimes viewing this information is only the first step, and you want to analyze it further with Excel or statistics software, or create some nice charts from it.

Export analysis data from Nitro

However, I did not want to clutter Nitro’s user interface with more buttons. In my experience, having a nice and clean user interface really helps to find your way around a software tool, and makes you more productive.

The solution I came up with is, in hindsight, rather obvious: When you right-click1 any table in Nitro’s analysis result, you can now choose to export this table’s data to a CSV2 file, which can be loaded in Excel and many other tools.

Get it while it’s hot

We have released Nitro 2.0.2 today, which incorporates both the bug fixes contained in 2.0.1, as well as the export of analysis data to CSV, as described above. How do you get the latest Nitro version?

  • If you are not already running the 2.0.x version of Nitro, download it from

  • Every time you start Nitro, it will check whether updates are available. Nitro will also check for updates every few minutes while it’s running.

  • Whenever an update is available, Nitro will automatically download it in the background. A badge on the update button in Nitro’s toolbar shows you that an update is ready to be installed.

  • Nitro needs to be restarted to install an update. You can either restart Nitro manually, or you can do this from the update dialog (which is shown when you click the update button in Nitro’s toolbar).

  • After Nitro has been restarted, the latest update is installed and ready for use.

A big thanks to all of you who have sent us your bug reports and suggestions for Nitro! We work hard to fix bugs as soon as we are aware of them, and we always try to implement your suggestions. Some of them just take a little longer, until we know how to do it right.

Thanks for your patience, and keep that feedback coming, either through Nitro’s built-in feedback or by sending us a mail to!

  1. On Mac OS X, you can press the “control” button while you click. ↩︎

  2. Comma-separated values ↩︎

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