Process Mining News - July / August 2014

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Every 1-2 months, we create this list of collected process mining web links and events in the process mining news (now also on the blog, with extra material in the e-mail edition).

Fluxicon Articles

Here are some blog articles that you may have missed:

Last month was all about Process Mining Camp, which took place on 18 June in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. You can find some photos and a summary of the day here.

Prior to camp, we held fire-side chat interviews with most of the speakers about different process mining topics:

Interview with Frank van Geffen, Rabobank. Frank gave a practice talk and a workshop on ‘How to get management buy-in for process mining’. He also participated in the panel.

Interview with Johan Lammers, Statistics Netherlands. Johan shared his experience from using process mining at CBS in a practice talk.

Interview with Shaun Moran, CDAnalytics. Shaun gave a workshop on ‘Process mining and customer experience’ at Process Mining camp.

Interview with Antonio Valle, G2. Antonio gave a workshop on ‘Process Mining and Lean’.

Interview with Nicholas Hartman, CKM Advisors. Nick gave a practice talk and held a workshop on ‘Data science tools that complement process mining’. Nick also participated in the panel.

Interview with John Muller, ING. John shared his experience on applying process mining to customer journey processes in a practice talk.

Interview with Erik Davelaar, KPMG. Erik told us about three different process mining projects from an auditing perspective.

A special issue on process mining was produced by the Dutch magazine ‘Informatie’. You can read more about this special issue and download the PDF from our article in the magazine here.

Furthermore, an article about process mining in IT Service Management processes was published in the current issue of the itSMF magazine (in German). You can download the PDF version of the article here.

Process Mining on the Web

Here are some pointers to new process mining discussions and articles on the web, in no particular order:

Non-English language:

Event Calendar

To make sure you are not missing anything, here is a list of the upcoming process mining events we are aware of.

  • 4 September 2014: We have been invited to speak at a BI Business User event organized by TDWI in Winterthur, Switzerland

  • 5 September 2014: We will be one of the guest speakers at the process mining-themed BPM Roundtable in Tallinn, Estonia

  • 7-11 September 2014: BPI Workshop and BPM conference in Haifa, Israel

  • 18 September 2014: Oliver Wildenstein speaks about process mining at Big Data Minds 2014 conference in Berlin, Germany

  • 9-10 October 2014: We will have a workshop and presentation at the BPM in Practice conference in Hamburg, Germany

  • 2-6 November 2014: We have been selected as a speaker at this year's BBC conference in Florida, USA

Training Calendar

Do you want to get a head start in your own process mining initiatives by learning from the experts? Sign up for one of our monthly process mining trainings in Eindhoven.

You will get a solid introduction into the general process mining concepts, combined with practical considerations like getting the right data, typical analysis questions, how to structure a process mining project, and hands-on exercises with our process mining software Disco.

These are the training dates for the rest of the year:

  • Fr, 25 July 2014

  • Fr, 29 August 2014

  • Fr, 26 September 2014

  • Fr, 31 October 2014

  • Fr, 28 November 2014

  • Fr, 12 December 2014

We have a very limited number of seats available, since we want to keep the training groups small, intimate, and productive. Sign up now, and reserve your spot!

Would you like to share a process mining-related pointer to an article, event, or discussion? Let us know about it!

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

Market, customers, and everything else

Anne knows how to mine a process like no other. She has conducted a large number of process mining projects with companies such as Philips Healthcare, Océ, ASML, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, and many others.