Anne Rozinat at Process Mining Camp 2012

Watch Anne Rozinat at Process Mining Camp 2012

We have taken a little break lately from publishing the talks from Process Mining Camp 2012. However, we think we have used the time well with releasing six updates to Disco, making it even faster and better to use. Today, we are back in full force and present you the latest instalment of our series, the live process mining analysis session by our very own Anne Rozinat.

Anne used an anonymized, real-life event log from one of our customers and analyzed it with our software Disco, live on stage. Her presentation includes both preparations, like making sure that all crucial information is included in the event log, as well as tried-and-tested analysis patterns that we use to drill down into an unknown dataset.

What I liked about Anne’s presentation was that it does not pretend that there is a repeatable, straightforward analysis process that you can simply copy and paste. Rather, she showed how we at Fluxicon see process mining, and what we design our software for: An explorative, iterative process which is driven by experienced analysts, rather than by what the software used requires.

If you want to learn about some best practices that can help you approaching an unknown dataset with process mining, make sure to watch Anne’s talk right now, and then come back and share your tricks here in the comments!

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