Startup Lessons Learned Recap

As previously announced, we hosted the official simulcast of this year’s Startup Lessons Learned conference here in Eindhoven. We had an awesome time watching the conference livestream in a relaxed atmosphere, with interesting conversations about the talks over food and beers.

The conference program was amazing, with straight-talking presenters from outstanding companies like Dropbox or Groupon, and lots of actionable, hands-on advice from lean startup practitioners. Here’s the keynote by Eric Ries, who gives a great outline of what the Lean Startup movement is all about:

One thing I love about this conference1 is that they livestream the complete conference program, and that they provide recordings of every talk online, for free2. So if you missed last night’s session, you may want to watch the recordings here.

We’d like to thank Eric Ries and his fellow organizers for putting all this together, and also all our guests for coming and sharing their mind! Special thanks also go to Mathias from UXSuite, who helped us setting up this event!

Thanks for all the fish, and see you all next year!

  1. Besides that they always feature an amazing and relevant line-up of speakers, that is. ↩︎

  2. Livestreaming, or at least providing recordings of talks online, is something that I wished a lot of conferences did for years. Especially academic conferences, which are essentially sponsored by the public via taxes, have absolutely no reason for not doing so. ↩︎

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