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Thanks for downloading Disco!

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(We also maintain a Windows version of Disco, you can download it here)

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Do I have the right version of Disco?

The current release is Disco 4.0.8.

Disco will auto-update when you are connected to the internet, to make sure you are always getting the best performance and the latest bug fixes. Of course, you can also download the latest release from here and install it manually.

We maintain 3 versions of Disco:

So what happens now?

  • Your browser is downloading a file "Disco-arm64-4.0.8.dmg".
  • Double-click the file "Disco-arm64-4.0.8.dmg" to mount the disk image.
  • A disk image named "Disco" will appear on your desktop. Double-click to open it.
  • The disk image contains the "Disco" application. Drag it to your "Applications" folder.
  • Eject the disk image "Disco" by dragging it onto the trash / eject icon in your dock.
  • Start Disco by double-clicking the "Disco" application in your "Applications" folder.

If you are experiencing any problems, please send us a mail at