Process Mining Camp 2020

Come join us at camp!

Process Mining Camp is where professionals gather to learn from their peers. A place where you can meet fellow explorers and exchange ideas, tips, and experiences. Old-timers and greenhorns alike, this is where we get down to business and share stories from the frontier at the campfire.

Whether you are an expert or have just recently heard of process mining, here you can meet other people who are just as curious and passionate about process mining as you are. Learn about how others are using process mining, and what they have to tell you.

  • Meet the Community

    Process mining is used by people all around the world, for hundreds of different use cases. At camp, you can meet people who face the same challenges as you, and exchange experiences. Campers are curious, driven, and nice people who are spearheading process mining initiatives in their organization.

  • Practice Talks

    Learn how others are using process mining. We have asked some practitioners to tell us their story. They will share all about their successes, the difficulties they faced, and their best tips and tricks.

  • A Summer of Process Mining

    With eight days of practice talks, you can survey the wide landscape of process mining and dive deeper. Take your time to continue the discussion with your fellow campers on our Camp Slack.

  • Camp-Life Balance

    You don't have to put your life on hold to join us. With less than two hours scheduled per day, camp is easy to fit in. Tune in for your daily dose of process mining, and then get back to your family and the rest of your life.

15 – 24 June 2020

World-wide, online, and digital.

All talks are in English.

  • Meet your fellow process miners.
  • Learn from honest practice talks.
  • Hang out around our campfire.
  • Don't put your life on hold.

Camp is over... for now.

Thank you all for joining us at this year's camp. We have packed up here for the year, but you can still read our farewell message here. Hungry for more? Sure thing, tiger — Sign up for our camp mailing list to be among the first to find out what's next for camp!

Access All Areas

Open To All

Everybody should be able to enjoy camp, so we decided to make camp free of charge this year. We use open and well-known platforms as much as possible, so no matter what device or operating system, you're welcome.

Being open and accessible does not mean that anything goes. Camp has always been a place where you can be sure that nobody will try to sell to you from stage, and we ask all campers to act the same. If you want to collect leads or talk about your offerings, there are better places for that.

Even more importantly, there is no room for bigotry and harrassment at camp. Everybody has good and bad days, but we will not tolerate behavior that makes our community any less safe or welcoming. This has not been a problem so far, and we intend to keep it that way.

Community First

All Together Now

From the beginning, the lodestar of camp has always been our community. For many of us, camp is an annual tradition, and we can't wait to meet our fellow campers again each year.

This year, we are building a digital campfire around our camp Slack community. Part live chat, part discussion forum, this is where we will meet for our ten days of summer camp to keep the camp spirit alive and well. Our community Slack will be open 24/7, serving as the central hub for all things camp.

This is also where we will all get together to talk about the practice talk of the day, with the speakers, taking all the time we need. The next day, we will pick up these discussions in our “Process Mining Café”, a live Q&A. Here, we bring back last day's speakers to highlight and address the most interesting discussions from our campfire on Slack.

Bite-Sized and Relaxed

Real-life compatible

Many online conferences are dominated by a relentless pace, where you sit through hours of presentations non-stop. No time to let your eyes stray from your screen, not even time for proper lunch breaks. That is no way to live.

At camp, we are taking things a little more slowly, one day at a time: There will be just one talk per day, so that we can give each speaker and topic the time and attention they deserve. From the time you tune in for the day's session, there will be no more than two hours until you can get back to your family, your work — whatever is important to you. Less stress and exhaustion, and more time to think and get back to your life.

This gives us all the time we need to let the presentation sink in, and then go on the campfire Slack to join the conversation with our fellow campers.

Breaking it down ·The Camp Program

Day 1 ·Monday, 15 June


Anne Rozinat· Fluxicon

Welcome & Opening Keynote.


Christian Pohle· Lufthansa Technik, Germany

Using the Theory of Constraints to optimize the "turn-around-time" in parts repair.

Day 2 ·Tuesday, 16 June


Process Mining Café

Checking back with Christian from Lufthansa for a Q&A.


Carmen Vermeer & Noortje Groenendaal· Total, The Netherlands

Analyzing the Customer Lifecycle with process mining.

Day 3 ·Wednesday, 17 June


Process Mining Café

Checking back with Carmen and Noortje from Total for a Q&A.


Sudhendu Rai· AIG, United States

Optimization of Service Operations using the Process Wind Tunnel.

Day 4 ·Thursday, 18 June


Process Mining Café

Checking back with Sudhendu from AIG for a Q&A.


Nelleke Smits· a.s.r., The Netherlands

How to set up process mining in a decentralized organization?

Day 5 ·Friday, 19 June


Process Mining Café

Checking back with Nelleke from a.s.r. for a Q&A.


Zsolt Varga· European Court of Auditors, Luxembourg

A journey through the use cases for process mining in audit.

Day 6 ·Monday, 22 June


Process Mining Café

Checking back with Zsolt from the ECA for a Q&A.


Hilda B. Klasky· Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States

Feature engineering for process mining on Electronic Health Record systems.

Day 7 ·Tuesday, 23 June


Process Mining Café

Checking back with Hilda from ORNL for a Q&A.


Harm Hoebergen & Redmar Draaisma· Freo, The Netherlands

Combining operational management with process mining.

Day 8 ·Wednesday, 24 June


Process Mining Café

Checking back with Harm and Redmar from Freo for a Q&A.


Wil van der Aalst· RWTH Aachen, Germany

Closing Keynote on “Object-Centric Process Mining”.



A live Q&A with Wil before we close up for the summer.

All practice, no preaching ·Meet the family

Process Mining Camp is the only conference worldwide that is focused exclusively on the practical application of process mining.

Listen to information-packed practice talks, and talk shop with other process miners. You will love the enthusiastic atmosphere, and make new friends with process mining enthusiasts from all over the world.

Audience at Process Mining Camp 2017
Break at Process Mining Camp 2018
Wil van der Aalst at Process Mining Camp 2019
Break at Process Mining Camp 2018

Since 2012, Process Mining Camp has become the annual family meeting for the process mining community.

Last year, more than 220 process mining enthusiasts came to Eindhoven from 16 different countries, some from places as far away as the USA and Japan.

This year, we're taking the show to the internet for a digital summer camp. Join us, won't you?

Tales from the frontier ·Talks you will remember

Practice talks are the heart and soul of Process Mining Camp. We have asked a number of smart process mining professionals to share their knowledge and experiences with you, no holds barred.

Every talk is followed by questions from the audience. For a deeper discussion, we meet up on the camp Slack — then, we bring back the speakers for an extended follow-up Q&A session the next day, so that you can get the answers you need.

Christian PohleLufthansa, Germany

Lufthansa Technik AG is the Lufthansa Engineering group that provides maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for aircraft, engines, and components. They wanted to reach a significant reduction of "turn-around-time" in parts repair.

Christian Pohle is Head of Process at Lufthansa Technik. Following the Theory of Constraints, his team used Process Mining to identify the worst turn-around-time burdens in the parts repair process and then prioritize their burn down, elimination, and solution. Afterwards, an agile project picked up these insights and optimized the turn-around-time step by step.

Carmen Vermeer & Noortje GroenendaalTotal Gas & Power, The Netherlands

Total has been active in energy for almost 100 years. With 98,000 employees spread across 130 countries, they have an intimate understanding of the energy world. Total Gas & Power is a B2B energy supplier in the Netherlands and part of the Total Group.

Carmen Vermeer is a Business Intelligence analyst and Noortje Groenendaal is Marketing Manager at Total Gas and Power. On a daily basis, they are transforming data into insights and eventually knowledge that enables their business to improve decision-making. They have used process mining to analyze both internal processes as well as for the analysis of the Customer Lifecycle. At camp, they will focus on sharing their experiences from their customer lifecycle analysis.

Sudhendu RaiAIG, United States

With roots that trace back to 1919, AIG is a global insurance company with operations in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions. AIG provides a range of insurance products to support clients in business and in life, including: general property/casualty, life insurance, and retirement and financial services through General Insurance, Life and Retirement and Investments business units.

Sudhendu Rai is the Head of Data-Driven Process Optimization in AIG's Investments organization. Last year at camp, Sudhendu introduced their 'Process Wind Tunnel' framework that utilizes data analytics, visualization, process mining and discrete-event simulation optimization for improving insurance business processes within AIG. In his talk this year, Sudhendu will share a new simulation-based example case and another process mining project.

Nelleke Smitsa.s.r., The Netherlands

The history of a.s.r. begins 1720 in “Stad Rotterdam”, which as the oldest insurance company on the European continent was specialized in insuring ocean-going vessels — not a surprising choice in a port city like Rotterdam. Today, a.s.r. is a major Dutch insurance group based in Utrecht.

Nelleke Smits is part of the Analtyics lab at the Digital Innovation team and takes you on her journey to introduce process mining at a.s.r. As a trainee, she had the unique opportunity to start with process mining full-time and to experience the successes and difficulties that come with starting something new. Now, 10 months later she will tell you what she learned, the challenges she overcame, and what still lies ahead.

Zsolt VargaEuropean Court of Auditors, Luxembourg

The European Court of Auditors is one of the seven institutions of the European Union. It was established in 1975 in Luxembourg in order to improve EU financial management.

Zsolt Varga is a Data Scientist at the European Court of Auditors. Today’s potential for capturing and processing data digitally uncovers new opportunities that public auditors cannot afford to neglect. But incorporating analytics into audit is not without challenges. How can auditors move into this new field? Zsolt believes that process mining is a smart way for auditors to achieve mastery over the data and turn it into actionable insights. At camp, he will show the results from multiple process mining projects that they performed.

Hilda B. KlaskyOak Ridge National Laboratory, United States

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is a leading science and technology laboratory under the direction of the Department of Energy.

Hilda Klasky is part of the R&D Staff of the Systems Modeling Group in the Computational Sciences & Engineering Division at ORNL. In their latest process mining case study, the team analyzed healthcare data from the Veterans Affairs Corporate Data Warehouse. They realized that, to be able to discover and visualize clinical order processes like the radiology process, the data needed to be significantly condensed and pre-processed in various ways. Hilda's presentation will focus on these data processing and simplification steps.

Harm Hoebergen & Redmar DraaismaFreo, The Netherlands

Freo, part of Rabobank, has been an online lending specialist for more than 10 years. Delivering a simple and clear lending experience is one of their goals.

Harm Hoebergen is COO and Redmar Draaisma is a data analyst at Freo. The loan and credit process is changing quickly as there are more and more opportunities to deliver faster in a multi-channel environment. While the experience for the customer is changing, it’s important to keep delivering as promised and make sure that the internal risks are in control. Freo has, therefore, adopted operational management as the approach to maintain and improve performance. Especially process mining gives them deeper insights into the effects. This way, they are able to take the right measures when things suddenly change.

Oops, My Events Refer to Multiple Objects!

Closing Keynote byWil van der Aalst

Process mining starts from events that are characterized by a case identifier, an activity name, a timestamp, and optional attributes like resources or costs. In many applications, there are multiple candidate identifiers leading to different views on the same process. Moreover, one event may be related to different cases (convergence) and, for a given case, there may be multiple instances of the same activity within a case (divergence). To create traditional process models, the event data need to be “flattened” which can lead to incorrect analysis results. Moreover, the overview is lost rapidly. Hence, more holistic approaches are required.

Wil's keynote will give you a sneak peek into the latest research on “Object-Centric Process Mining”. He will show recent research results able to handle events that refer to multiple objects such as customers, suppliers, employees, orders, products, machines, etc. The corresponding insights are relevant for anyone applying process mining, independent of the tools being used.

Wil van der Aalst is the founding father of process mining. He started to work on “workflow mining”, as it used to be called, way back when nobody believed the necessary data even existed. As a full professor at RWTH Aachen University, Wil has supervised countless PhD and Master students on the topic and is head of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining. He is the author of the book “Process Mining: Data Science in Action” and the creator of the popular Process Mining MOOC.

Vox populi ·What previous years' campers are saying

Wil van der Aalst

“Process mining camp is the place to be for process mining practitioners. The camp enables process mining enthusiasts to share practical experiences and learn best practices. Moreover, it facilitates community building through the unique setup of the camp.”

— Prof. Wil van der Aalst

RWTH Aachen, Germany

Alberto Manuel

“If there is an event you should attend to actually learn about process mining, and how it is making a difference by helping organizations to change and adapt faster, this is the one for which you should save the date.”

— Alberto Manuel

ProcessSphere, Portugal

Samuel Itzikowitz

“Especially as a beginner in the field, I found the camp extremely informative, educational and important for me. It was not easy for me to make the trip but now, afterwards, I feel so good and so happy that I made the effort.”

— Prof. Samuel Itzikowitz

COMAS, Israel

Frank van Geffen

“As the founder of the KNVI Special Interest Group on Process Mining I endorse the sharing of knowledge across the process mining community. In my experience, ‘The Camp’ is the place to be if you want to experience the world-wide application of process mining. It's leading edge, realistic and down to earth. A great way to expand your network — and you just might get that breakthrough you needed for conducting successful process mining projects.”

— Frank van Geffen

Rabobank & KNVI, Netherlands

Ward Steeman

“In our company we are extremely focused on processes, and we see process mining as a valuable technique to quickly understand how processes are executed in reality. The process mining camps have been very important for us to learn about the possibilities and limitations. Rather than process mining as only a ‘technique’, for us it's the place to listen to other companies revealing their experience with process mining.”

— Ward Steeman

Volvo, Belgium

Mitchell Cunningham

“Attending process mining camp was a great opportunity to learn from other process mining practitioners in a relaxed and informal setting. Particularly helpful were presentations and discussions around key process mining challenges including aligning process mining efforts to organisational culture and obtaining and preparing process data.”

— Mitchell Cunningham

Suncorp, Australia

Get a taste of camp ·Check out past talks

Here are some of our favorite talks from the previous camps. Kick back, and find out for yourself what all the fuzz is about!

Process Mining At a Global Telco

Carmen Lasa Gómez (Telefónica)

Due to Carmen and her team's analysis, the percentage of work orders that are out of window could be decreased from 62% to 5% within just one year.

Manufacturing Improvement

Joris Keizers (Veco)

Joris demonstrated how process mining has helped to cut the lead time of their core production process in half by unlocking relevant process knowledge of key employees who have less of a feeling for statistical methods.

Skills For Successful Process Scientists

Wil van der Aalst (RWTH Aachen)

The final speaker at Process Mining Camp 2018 was Wil van der Aalst, the founding father of process mining. In his closing keynote, Wil talked about the updated skill set that process and data scientists need today.

You can find more talks from all camps here.

Anne Rozinat, Rudi Niks, and Christian W. Günther from Fluxicon

Your Hosts For the Summer

We are Anne and Christian from Fluxicon, and we love process mining. After finishing our PhDs with Wil van der Aalst in Eindhoven, we founded Fluxicon with two goals in mind. For one, we want to build the best process mining software for professionals. At least as important a goal for us is to spread the word about process mining, to grow the process mining community worldwide, and to bring the community closer together. In 2017, we found our perfect third team member Rudi.

For us, Process Mining Camp is that dream come to life. The whole process mining community is coming together in one place for a day. No academic talks, and no sales show. At camp, we focus squarely and exclusively on the practical application of process mining.

In 2012, more than 70 smart and driven people joined us for the first Process Mining Camp. In 2013, we moved Process Mining Camp to the Zwarte Doos and added workshops, and we had a great day with more than 100 process mining enthusiasts from all over the world. In 2014, camp tickets sold out very quickly, and process mining enthusiasts from more than 16 countries came for a varied program including workshops, keynotes, and a panel discussion. In 2015, we moved to the auditorium to make more room, and since then the 220 seats have quickly filled up each year, bringing process mining enthusiasts from hundreds of different companies and a total of 34 different countries to Eindhoven. Since 2017, Process Mining Camp has grown into a two-day event with the workshop seats selling out in just a couple of days.

This year, we are trying something new with the first all-online camp. We think you are going to really love this year's camp, and we cannot wait to meet you around the digital campfire on our camp Slack! If there is anything we can help you with preparing for camp, or if you have questions, just shoot us an email at

We hope to see you at camp soon,

Yours truly

Process Mining Camp 2020 is supported by Eindhoven University of Technology,
the IEEE Task Force for Process Mining, and the Data Science Center Eindhoven.

Process Mining Camp 2020 is organized by Fluxicon.