Process Mining Camp 2018

Come join us at camp!

Process Mining Camp is where professionals gather to learn from their peers. A place where you can meet fellow explorers and exchange ideas, tips, and experiences. Old-timers and greenhorns alike, this is where we get down to business and share stories from the frontier at the campfire.

Whether you are an expert or have just recently heard of process mining, here you can meet other people who are just as curious and passionate about process mining as you are. Learn about how others are using process mining, and what they have to tell you.

tent iconMeet the community

Process mining is used by people all around the world, for hundreds of different use cases. At camp, you can meet people who face the same challenges as you, and exchange experiences. Campers are typically curious, driven, and nice people who are spearheading process mining initiatives in their organization.

tent iconPractice Talks

Learn how others are using process mining. We have asked some practitioners to tell us their story. They will share all about their successes, the difficulties they faced, and their best tips and tricks.

tent iconHands-On Workshops

Pick up new skills in one of our hands-on workshops, where seasoned experts will help you dive deep on a focus topic of your choice.

tent iconProcess Mining all day

Dive into process mining for two days, and find out what others in the community are up to. We take care of food and drinks right there, so you can continue that conversation over lunch, coffee, or dinner.

19 & 20 June 2018

TU/e Auditorium, Eindhoven

9:00 – 19:00

All talks are in English.

  • Meet your fellow process miners.
  • Learn from honest practice talks.
  • Get your hands dirty in one of our hands-on workshops.
  • Continue the conversation over lunch and dinner on-site.

Tickets start at € 99,- (excl. VAT)

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Breaking it down ·The Camp Program

Tuesday, 19 June



Get your badge and t-shirt, grab a coffee, and get to know the other campers.


Anne Rozinat· Fluxicon

Opening keynote.


Fran Batchelor· UW Health, United States

Insight into the impact and effects of urgent and emergent care.


Niyi Ogunbiyi· Deutsche Bank, United Kingdom

The journey from exploration to targeted analysis at Deutsche Bank.



Help yourself to a warm lunch buffet, served right outside the camp room.


Dinesh Das· Microsoft, United States

Process mining is the silver bullet for accelerating digital transformation at Microsoft.


Wim Kouwenhoven· City of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The critical change traits to successfully introduce process mining at the municipality.


Coffee break

Share your experiences with your fellow campers over a nice cup of coffee.


Olga Gazina· Euroclear, Belgium

Finding the most useful angles from which your process should be looked at.


Marc Tollens· KLM, The Netherlands

Learn how your agile teams can get the most out of each sprint.


Coffee break

A room full of process mining enthusiasts and lots of coffee. What's not to like?


Process Miner of the Year awards

Showcasing the most inspiring and transformative Process Mining project of the year.


Wil van der Aalst· RWTH Aachen

Closing Keynote: The skills professionals need for the new data science economy.



Enjoy a warm dinner buffet, and socialize with your fellow campers over drinks.

Wednesday, 20 June


Workshops· Session 1

  • Workshop 1 is held in room Collegezaal 12.
  • Workshop 2 is held in room Collegezaal 11.
  • Workshop 3 is held in room Collegezaal 16.
  • Workshop 4 is held in room Collegezaal 15.


Coffee break

Grab a cup of hot coffee and mingle with your fellow campers.


Workshops· Session 2

  • Workshop 1 is held in room Collegezaal 12.
  • Workshop 2 is held in room Collegezaal 11.
  • Workshop 3 is held in room Collegezaal 16.
  • Workshop 4 is held in room Collegezaal 15.



Ample time to discuss what you learned at our warm lunch buffet.



All practice, no preaching ·Meet the family

Process Mining Camp is the only conference worldwide that is focused exclusively on the practical application of process mining.

Listen to information-packed practice talks, and talk shop with other process miners. You will love the enthusiastic atmosphere, and make new friends with process mining enthusiasts from all over the world.

Frank van Geffen (Rabobank) at Process Mining Camp 2013
Youri Soons (Auditdienst Rijk) at Process Mining Camp 2013
Wil van der Aalst (TU Eindhoven) at Process Mining Camp 2013

Photos © 2013 Jan Taco te Gussinklo

Lalit Wangikar (CKM Advisors) at Process Mining Camp 2013

Since 2012, Process Mining Camp has become the annual family meeting for the process mining community.

Last year, more than 220 process mining enthusiasts came to Eindhoven from 24 different countries, some from places as far away as Australia, the USA, Canada, and South Korea.

Tales from the frontier ·Talks you will remember

Practice talks are the heart and soul of Process Mining Camp. We have asked a number of smart process mining professionals to share their knowledge and experiences with you, no holds barred. Every talk is followed by ten minutes of discussion with the audience, so that you can get the answers you need.

Fran BatchelorUW Health, United States

UW Health is a large academic medical center associated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison located in Midwestern United States. More than 600,000 patients are served annually at 7 hospitals and 87 outpatient clinics.

Fran Batchelor is a Nursing Informatics Specialist at UW Health supporting surgical services at 3 of its hospitals. Fran will share the challenges and successes of introducing process mining to UW Health. She will also demonstrate how process mining was used to analyze the flow of urgent and emergent surgical cases added to the schedule and how this technology provided a new way of using the data.

Niyi OgunbiyiDeutsche Bank, United Kingdom

Deutsche Bank is Germany’s leading bank with a strong presence in Europe and significant presence in Americas & Asia Pacific.

Niyi Ogunbiyi is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt in the Chief Regulatory Office (CRegO) Operational Excellence Team. In his talk, he discusses how the bank has fared in its process mining journey and which lessons they have learnt along the way. One of the things he will show is how they balanced the exploratory and the targeted parts of their process mining analyses.

Marc TollensKLM, The Netherlands

Founded in 1919, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the oldest scheduled airline in the world still operating under its original name. In 2016, the KLM Group operated worldwide flights with over 200 aircraft, generating €10 billion in revenue and employing 32.000 staff from its Amsterdam basis.

Marc Tollens is a digital product owner. He leads the development teams to develop online services to create an optimal journey for their customers. In his talk Marc will share how he used process mining to help his teams to learn how to get the most out of each sprint.

Dinesh DasMicrosoft, United States

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

Dinesh Das is the Data Science manager in Microsoft’s Core Services Engineering and Operations organization. The converge of digital technologies with machine learning and cognitive solutions gives him the opportunity to reimagine everything every day. He believes that process mining can be a silver bullet to accelerate the digital transformation and is passionate to share his experience.

Olga GazinaEuroclear, Belgium

Euroclear is one of the largest Financial Market Infrastructure providers in the world. Many of Euroclear’s business processes rely on sophisticated IT services developing a large variety of reliable, scalable, and secured solutions.

Olga Gazina is working for the Internal Audit department as a Data Analyst. With the goal to make internal controls more efficient, she has applied process mining to the code testing process of the Component and Data Management IT division. Olga will share the main steps of dealing with complex data and tips for finding the most useful angles from which the process should be looked at.

Wim KouwenhovenCity of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is well-known as the capital of the Netherlands. The city itself has a population of more than 850,000, with about 1.5 million people living in the entire Amsterdam city region. The municipality is responsible for defining and enforcing local policies regarding areas like poverty, taxes, sports, parking, and many more.

Wim Kouwenhoven is a program manager for the financial function of the municipiality. Change management often plays a major role in the programs he is involved in. This was also the case with the introduction of process mining. Wim will share the change traits that were critical for them to get most out of their process mining projects, so that they could actually improve the financial function and get the city of Amsterdam on the move.

A New Skill Set for Process and Data Scientists

Closing Keynote byWil van der Aalst

With innovation and research continuously advancing, professionals are under pressure to expand their knowledge and keep up. BPM practitioners, for instance, need to apply a more data-driven approach when analyzing processes. The same applies to Lean Six Sigma professionals, IT Auditors, Business Analysts, etc. Meanwhile, data scientists are often still focused too much on flat data rather than behavioral data. Process-oriented data analysis techniques like process mining can help both groups to bridge the gap to analyze processes based on data. Moreover, ethics and privacy questions need to be addressed with an ever-increasing urgency.

What are the skills that old and new professionals need to develop today to be ready for the new data science economy? Wil's keynote will give you an overview about the spectrum of skills needed, and tell you how you can develop yourself further in these areas.

Wil van der Aalst is the founding father of process mining. He started to work on “workflow mining”, as it used to be called, way back when nobody even thought the necessary data existed. As a full professor at RWTH Aachen University, Wil has supervised countless PhD and Master students on the topic and is head of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining. He is the author of the book “Process Mining: Data Science in Action” and the creator of the popular Process Mining MOOC.

Intensive Care ·Join one of our Hands-On Workshops

This year’s Process Mining Camp will again run for two straight days.

After a full day of listening to practice talks and interacting with your peers, you can join a selection of hands-on workshops and get your hands dirty on day two (20 June). Here, you will have the time to dive into various process mining topics in depth, in smaller groups of participants, and guided by an experienced expert.

Participation in workshops is of course optional, but if you want to hone your craft and focus on your topic of choice with a group of like-minded process miners, you will fit right in!

You can choose between four half-day workshops. The workshops take place in the morning and all four workshops will run in parallel (so you need to pick one). The workshop day will be closed with a lunch buffet and coffee, so that by 14:00 you are ready to start your journey back home.

Workshop 1 ·How can I use process mining in my internal control system?

Marc GittlerDeutsche Post DHL Group

Patrick GreifzuDeutsche Post DHL Group

The benefits of process mining during internal control and compliance audits have been discussed often in recent days. The main objective of these reviews is to get an overview of high-risk processes and to identify gaps within the internal control system. In the past, traditional data analysis techniques did not produce sufficient results, because they are time-consuming, technically challenging, and not free of bias.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with experienced auditors, which have used data analytics and process mining techniques for different use cases. You will get an overview of the different phases of an audit process and how process mining will fit in these phases, from preparation to reporting. It does not matter if you work as an auditor, compliance officer, or risk manager — Process mining can be used by all control units (1st to 3rd line of defense) within a company to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the internal control system.

Marc and Patrick have over ten years of experience as auditors. Before they joined Deutsche Post DHL Group Audit, they worked as auditors in the banking sector. During that time, they applied data analytics and process mining techniques to make their audit work more efficient and target-oriented, especially for operational postal processes, to reduce the risk of losing revenue.

Workshop 2 ·How can I prepare bigger data sets for process mining?

Eddy van der GeestTata Steel

Preparing your data for process mining can be a complex and time-consuming task. Especially when the data size exceeds the capacity of your beloved Excel application, you need to find other ways to transform your data in the right format for process mining.

ETL (Extract Transform Load) tools make it possible to combine and transform large data sets without any programming skills. In this workshop, you will learn how to perform some common data transformation tasks for process mining with an ETL tool. We will use the data analysis tool KNIME for the hands-on exercises. Even if you are not too tech savvy, you will see that you can prepare your data yourself in minutes, by just dragging and dropping and connecting the dots.

Eddy van der Geest is a senior auditor at Tata Steel. He has more than 25 years experience as an auditor and believes that data is the key to innovate his work. He frequently gives seminars about how to use data analysis tools such as KNIME to help others become more data driven.

Workshop 3 ·How can I discover the real customer journey?

Rudi NiksFluxicon

Over the past years, many organizations have adopted new channels to interact with their customers. One of the challenges is to give the customer a seamless experience across these channels. Discovering customer journeys with process mining is one of the approaches that has become very successful to understand the real, cross-channel customer experience. Rudi has seen many examples over the years and is finally ready to share some best practices.

In this workshop we will focus on the typical challenges that you will face when analyzing customer journeys with process mining. For example, combining data from multiple sources, and working with the sheer amount of click stream data, can be overwhelming. Furthermore, you can get lost very quickly because the resulting process maps become very complex. To avoid this, you really need to know what you are looking for. Join this workshop and learn how you can bypass these common pitfalls when applying customer journey mining.

Rudi Niks has been one of the first process mining practitioners. He has over ten year of experience in creating value with process mining. At Fluxicon he ensures that Disco miners are the best process miners in the world.

Workshop 4 ·What questions can I answer with process mining?

Anne RozinatFluxicon

When you start out with process mining, it is often a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem: You are supposed to start with questions about your process, but which kinds of questions can you actually answer with process mining?

We will give you 20 typical process mining questions as a starting point and show you how to answer them. In this workshop, you will work hands-on with multiple data sets to understand the different approaches for measuring your process performance, analyzing compliance, and answering other process mining questions.

Anne Rozinat is the co-founder of Fluxicon and working with process mining every day. She has obtained her PhD Cum Laude in the process mining group at Eindhoven University of Technology and has given more than 100 process mining trainings over the past years.

Vox populi ·What previous years' campers are saying

Wil van der Aalst

“Process mining camp is the place to be for process mining practitioners. The camp enables process mining enthusiasts to share practical experiences and learn best practices. Moreover, it facilitates community building through the unique setup of the camp.”

— Prof. Wil van der Aalst

TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Alberto Manuel

“If there is an event you should attend to actually learn about process mining, and how it is making a difference by helping organizations to change and adapt faster, this is the one for which you should save the date.”

— Alberto Manuel

ProcessSphere, Portugal

Samuel Itzikowitz

“Especially as a beginner in the field, I found the camp extremely informative, educational and important for me. It was not easy for me to make the trip but now, afterwards, I feel so good and so happy that I made the effort.”

— Prof. Samuel Itzikowitz

COMAS, Israel

Frank van Geffen

“As chairman of the Dutch NGI-NGN Special Interest Group on Process Mining I really endorse the sharing of practices and knowledge across the process mining community. My experience from previous years is that ‘The Camp’ is the place to be if you want to experience the world wide application of process mining. It's leading edge, realistic and down to earth. A great way to expand your network and you just might get that breakthrough you needed to further your efforts in conducting successful process mining projects.”

— Frank van Geffen

Rabobank & Ngi, Netherlands

Ward Steeman

“In our company we are extremely focused on processes, and we see process mining as a valuable technique to quickly understand how processes are executed in reality. The process mining camps have been very important for us to learn about the possibilities and limitations. Rather than process mining as only a ‘technique’, for us it's the place to listen to other companies revealing their experience with process mining.”

— Ward Steeman

Volvo, Belgium

Mitchell Cunningham

“Attending process mining camp was a great opportunity to learn from other process mining practitioners in a relaxed and informal setting. Particularly helpful were presentations and discussions around key process mining challenges including aligning process mining efforts to organisational culture and obtaining and preparing process data.”

— Mitchell Cunningham

Suncorp, Australia

Primus inter pares ·Process Miner of the Year

Have you completed a successful process mining project in the past months that you are really proud of? A project that went so well, or produced such amazing results, that you cannot stop telling anyone around you about it? You know, the one that propelled process mining to a whole new level in your organization? We are pretty sure that a lot of you are thinking of your favorite project right now, and that you can’t wait to share it.

We want to help you showcase your best work and share it with the process mining community. This is why we introduced the Process Miner of the Year awards. In 2016, a team from Veco won Process Miner of the Year 2016 with a great process mining success story. Last year, a team from Telefónica received Process Miner of the Year 2017 for their high-impact process mining project.

This year's best submission will receive the prestigious 2018 award at this year’s Process Mining Camp. Do you have a great process mining success story? Click here and find out how to submit it for awards consideration.

Campsite ·TU/e Auditorium

An event like Process Mining Camp deserves an appropriate venue. What better campsite to choose than the TU Eindhoven (TU/e), the place where process mining was invented?

This year's camp will take place in the TU/e Auditorium (Blauwe Zaal). You can expect comfortable seating, a nice, roomy area with lots of air to breathe, and a professional projector and sound equipment.

The auditorium is located in the south-western corner of the TU Eindhoven campus, and it can be reached from Eindhoven central train station by a 8 minute's walk. If you want to come by car, parking space is available nearby on the university campus.

Blauwe Zaal @ TU/e Auditorium

  • Come by train: The train station is Eindhoven Centraal. Leave the station on the northern side (where buses stop), and turn right. You can see the university buildings in a few minutes' distance. Cross at the traffic lights, and follow the scenic path. The Auditorium is on your left, about thirty meters after crossing a small bridge. (Click here for a map).
  • Come by plane: Eindhoven has an airport serviced mostly by smaller airlines. Bus routes connect the airport to the central train station. If you come in via Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, there are train connections directly to Eindhoven central station every 30 minutes, leaving from a station right below the ground floor of the airport. Travel time is about 90 minutes.
  • Come by car: When you are on the TU Eindhoven campus, look for a tall, green building, it is right opposite of the Auditorium. Also, you may want to print the campus map here. Parking on the campus is € 7,50 per day (paid in cash, or by debit card).

Are you staying overnight?

If you need a recommendation for a place to stay, consider the following options:

In general, any hotel that is in walking distance to the Eindhoven train station should be fine.

Anne Rozinat and Christian W. Günther from Fluxicon

Your hosts for the day

We are Anne and Christian from Fluxicon, and we love process mining. After finishing our PhDs with Wil van der Aalst in Eindhoven, we founded Fluxicon with two goals in mind. For one, we want to build the best process mining software for professionals. At least as important a goal for us is to spread the word about process mining, to grow the process mining community worldwide, and to bring the community closer together.

For us, Process Mining Camp is that dream come to life. The whole process mining community is coming together in one place for a day. No academic talks, and no sales show. At camp, we focus squarely and exclusively on the practical application of process mining.

In 2012, more than 70 smart and driven people joined us for the first Process Mining Camp. In 2013, we moved Process Mining Camp to the Zwarte Doos and added workshops, and we had a great day with more than 100 process mining enthusiasts from all over the world. In 2014, camp tickets sold out very quickly, and process mining enthusiasts from more than 16 countries came for a varied program including workshops, keynotes, and a panel discussion. In 2015, we moved to the auditorium to make more room, and 173 people from 17 different countries joined us at camp. In 2016, more than 210 process mining enthusiasts from 165 companies in 20 different countries made the trip to Eindhoven. Last year, campers from 24 different countries attended the first two-day Process Mining Camp, and all workshop seats were sold out in just a few days.

We think you are going to really love this year's camp, and we cannot wait to meet you in Eindhoven! If there is anything we can help you with preparing for camp, or if you have questions, just shoot us an email at

We hope to see you at camp soon,

TU Eindhoven IEEE Task Force on Process Mining Data Science Center Eindhoven

Process Mining Camp 2018 is supported by Eindhoven University of Technology,
the IEEE Task Force for Process Mining, and the Data Science Center Eindhoven.

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Process Mining Camp 2018 is organized by Fluxicon.