Taking a customer journey with process mining

38:37Recorded on 21 June 2023 at TU Eindhoven

Vanessa Schindler(T4media, Germany)

Process mining has several advantages over classical web analytics. Vanessa shows how to better understand the customer journey based on process mining.


T4media specializes in optimizing and personalizing websites for customers. Vanessa shows us what process mining adds to her toolbox as a customer journey analyst. Of course, she still uses web analytics tools like Google Analytics, but process mining helps her focus on the user’s actual behavior.

Technically, the data is available without any problems: The Case ID is the user on the website, the Activity is the website's page name, and the Timestamp is the time of the visit. What is difficult is the complexity of the user journeys: The data needs to be simplified to answer targeted questions. Vanessa demonstrates, based on several examples, how this works.

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