Building a process mining community at the European Union

37:21Recorded on 21 June 2023 at TU Eindhoven

Franck Diafouka(European Medicines Agency, Netherlands)

Ruth Zonanashvili(European Medicines Agency, Netherlands)

Mithra Gruber(European Medicines Agency, Netherlands)

Franck, Ruth, and Mithra share their experience of establishing a working group in a process mining capacity within an EU Agency and across several EU bodies.


The European Medicines Agency has successfully built up a process mining capacity, transitioning from a centralized Centre of Excellence to a decentralized model. This shift has empowered process owners, internal auditors, and internal controllers to build their own expertise and foster collaboration in an inter-group knowledge-sharing setting.

Franck shared their experience from establishing a working group on process mining across different EU organizations. Ruth explored process mining for risk assessments. Mithra then connected the various stakeholders of process mining to challenges beyond technical aspects. For example, ethical considerations are essential to avoid staff discrimination by colleagues or management. Furthermore, data protection and privacy must be ensured to comply with EU DPR and other legislation.

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