Physical processes have a gut feeling

35:31Recorded on 21 June 2023 at TU Eindhoven

Eric N. Kildea(Radwell International, USA)

At Radwell, physical machines and spare parts are sent from one place to another. Eric analyzes these processes to help managers apply data to their intuition to make the right decisions.


Radwell buys, sells, and repairs industrial automation and electrical control equipment. Eric vividly illustrated the complexity behind these physical processes. They had already tried mapping their processes manually, but this was very difficult. At the same time, they had terabytes of data, which he thought they should be able to use more constructively.

Eric's collaboration with the process managers and experts was a testament to the power of process mining. They, who knew their processes inside out, had always relied on their gut feelings to guide them. However, when process mining was introduced, it not only validated their instincts but also provided a deeper understanding of the process reality, instilling a sense of reassurance and confidence in the effectiveness of this approach.

Eric shows two different cases. One identified over 16,000 items that Radwell could better ship directly to specific branches to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth shipment. The other resulted in hiring staff in a department that was just understaffed, given the increase in incoming items.

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