Physical processes have a gut feeling

Eric N. Kildea (Radwell International)

At Radwell, physical machines and spare parts are sent from one place to another. Eric analyzes these processes to help managers apply data to their intuition to make the right decisions.

Analyzing hospital business units for a reorganization

Stefan Wick (Universit├Ątshospital Z├╝rich)

Stefan's data wrangling was a crucial success factor for applying process mining to his healthcare processes. He shows two concrete examples of the data transformations he had to do.

The challenges of using process mining in internal audit

Xhentilo Karaj (Euroclear)

Xhentilo discusses the concrete challenges he has encountered in the data collection, data pre-processing, and data analysis phases of his audits in the past.

Building a process mining community at the European Union

Franck Diafouka (European Medicines Agency), Ruth Zonanashvili (European Medicines Agency), and Mithra Gruber (European Medicines Agency)

Franck, Ruth, and Mithra share their experience of establishing a working group in a process mining capacity within an EU Agency and across several EU bodies.

Taking a customer journey with process mining

Vanessa Schindler (T4media)

Process mining has several advantages over classical web analytics. Vanessa shows how to better understand the customer journey based on process mining.

Process Mining Camp 2023

21 June 2023 · TU Eindhoven

The twelfth Process Mining Camp in 2023 took place in the Zwarte Doos at the Eindhoven University of Technology. We had a full program and plenty of time to interact with the community. The practice talk speakers showed how they analyze logistics processes and patient journeys, how process mining fits into audit projects and risk assessments, and what process mining adds to classical customer journey analyses.

In the afternoon, we dove into three parallel workshops. The first was a discussion workshop in which the participants talked about the challenges of process mining in audits. The second workshop put the campers in action to develop their own project plan. In the third workshop, we worked hands-on on several process mining analysis questions in Disco.

There were a lot of lively conversations in the breaks between the sessions. At the end of the day, we could enjoy the beautiful summer weather in a relaxing atmosphere over our BBQ and drinks.

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