Peeling the onion: How to move through multiple discovery and analysis cycles

48:16Recorded on 23 June 2022 at TU Eindhoven

Sjoerd van der Zee(AGCO Finance, Netherlands)

Sjoerd shows us how answering one question generated new, additional questions. And how you need to keep on asking the “why” question until there are no further questions left.


AGCO Finance is a joint venture between the global financial solutions partner DLL and AGCO, an agricultural equipment manufacturer. Sjoerd is working in AGCO Finance’s operations function. He focuses on improving efficiency and service levels.

At first, Sjoerd was reluctant to do the process mining analysis himself. He is grateful that he did so because learning the process mining part is easy if you have the process and domain knowledge.

Process mining has given him a fresh perspective on the different paths and steps in his processes. However, he needed to apply his domain knowledge to iterate through discovery, questions, and analysis cycles. With every new iteration, you will get more of the necessary insights that enable you to take steps to improve your business.

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