Come join us at camp!

Process Mining Camp is where professionals gather to learn from their peers. A place where you can meet fellow explorers and exchange ideas, tips, and experiences. Old-timers and greenhorns alike, this is where we get down to business and share stories from the frontier at the campfire.

Whether you are an expert or have just recently heard of process mining, here you can meet other people who are just as curious and passionate about process mining as you are. Learn about how others are using process mining, and what they have to tell you.

  • Meet the Community

    Process mining is used by people all around the world, for hundreds of different use cases. At camp, you will meet people who face the same challenges as you, and exchange experiences. Campers are curious, driven, and nice people who are spearheading process mining initiatives in their organization.

  • Learn from Practice Talks

    Learn how others are using process mining. We have asked some practitioners to tell us their story. They will share all about their successes, the difficulties they faced, and their best tips and tricks.

  • Join us at the Roundtable

    Join one of our discussion roundtables and go deeper on various process mining topics. The discussion groups will be small so that you meet and get to know everyone in your group.

  • Process Mining all day

    Dive into process mining for a whole day, and find out what others in the community are up to. We take care of food and drinks right there, so you can continue that conversation over lunch, coffee, or dinner.

Process Mining Camp 2022

23 June 2022

TU/e Auditorium, Eindhoven

9:00 – 20:00

All talks are in English.

  • Meet your fellow process miners.
  • Learn from honest practice talks.
  • Go deeper in our discussion roundtables.
  • Continue the conversation over lunch and dinner on-site.

Tickets start at € 149,- (excl. VAT)

Early bird gets a shirt

Register before 3 June
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Breaking it down ·The Camp Program



Get your badge and t-shirt, grab a coffee, and get to know the other campers.


Anne Rozinat· Fluxicon, The Netherlands

Opening Keynote.


Machteld Oosterhof & Marianne Ravelli· Politie, The Netherlands

Making better decisions with process mining.
→


Sjoerd van der Zee· AGCO Finance, The Netherlands

Peeling the onion: How to move through multiple discovery and analysis cycles.
→



Help yourself to a warm lunch buffet, served outside the auditorium.


Beth Borman· CorVel, United States

Every process requires a tailor-made analysis approach.
→


Robin Schouten· VolkerWessels Telekom, The Netherlands

Making the business case with process mining and Lean Six Sigma.
→


Coffee break

Share your experiences with your fellow campers over a nice cup of coffee.



Interact with other process miners in small discussion groups on various process mining topics.
→



Share your ideas and discussions from the roundtables with the rest of us.


Maxime Parres-Albert & Maxime Brochier· GSK Biologicals, Belgium

Analyzing the Human Biological Sample Management process for clinical trials.
→


Dinner & Campfire

Join us at the barbecue, and grab a drink with your fellow campers.

All practice, no preaching ·Meet the family

Process Mining Camp is the first conference worldwide that is focused exclusively on the practical application of process mining.

Listen to information-packed practice talks, and talk shop with other process miners. You will love the enthusiastic atmosphere, and make new friends with process mining enthusiasts from all over the world.

Audience at Process Mining Camp 2017
Break at Process Mining Camp 2018
Wil van der Aalst at Process Mining Camp 2019
Break at Process Mining Camp 2018

Since 2012, Process Mining Camp has become the annual family meeting for the process mining community.

Every year, hundreds of process miners from all over the world have come together in Eindhoven. Some have joined us from places as far away as Australia, Korea, Brasil, the USA, and Japan. For the last two years, we took to the internet for digital summer camps. Come and join us back at our Eindhoven campground this year!

Tales from the frontier ·Talks you will remember

Practice talks are the heart and soul of Process Mining Camp. We have asked a number of smart process mining professionals to share their knowledge and experiences with you, no holds barred. Every talk is followed by ten minutes of discussion with the audience, so that you can get the answers you need.

Machteld Oosterhof & Marianne RavelliPolitie, The Netherlands

The Police in the Netherlands are composed of ten regional operating units. The human resource (HR) department makes good police work possible by onboarding and supporting all officers and staff to fulfill their daily duty.

Machteld is a business operations specialist, and Marianne is a business controller at the HR shared services center. Traditionally, knowledge workers drive process improvements by their expertise and gut feeling. However, most processes in the HR administration are digitalized. Therefore, the ambition is to implement improvements based on data. Machteld and Marianne share their experiences when showing facts and figures and the effect of confirming or refuting assumptions.

Sjoerd van der ZeeAGCO Finance, The Netherlands

AGCO Finance is a joint venture between the global financial solutions partner DLL and AGCO, an agricultural equipment manufacturer. AGCO Finance offers a one-stop shop for financing agricultural machinery for farmers.

Sjoerd is working in AGCO Finance's Operations function. He focuses on improving efficiency and service levels. Process mining has given him a fresh perspective on the different paths and steps in his processes. At camp, he will show how you can apply your domain knowledge to iterate through discovery, questions, and analysis cycles. Multiple cycles are required to obtain the necessary insights that enable you to take steps to improve your business.

Beth BormanCorVel, United States

CorVel is a US provider of risk management solutions for the workers' compensation, auto, health, and disability management industries. They provide their clients with the information and insights to make smart decisions.

As a project manager, Beth identifies optimization opportunities based on the Theory of Constraints data analysis and process mining. While analyzing several processes, she noticed that she could not take the same approach for every single process. Some processes seem to be more straightforward, while others are real brain teasers. Beth will show you how you can adapt your analysis approach to your process.

Robin SchoutenVolkerWessels Telekom, The Netherlands

VolkerWessels Telecom designs, builds and maintains telecommunication networks. Quality and timeliness are essential when delivering these network services to their customers.

Robin is a Lean Six Sigma green belt. At camp, Robin will show how Lean Six Sigma professionals can benefit from including process mining into their toolbox. He examines classical Lean Six Sigma tools next to their corresponding process mining analyses and shows how they supplement and complement each other. With the combination of both approaches, you can create a detailed business case for your improvement opportunities.

Maxime Parres-Albert & Maxime BrochierGSK Biologicals, Belgium

In the clinical trial phase of a new medicine or vaccine, blood samples and other samples are collected from the people participating in the clinical trial. Overall, GSK manages millions of samples that go through hundreds of process steps in its Human Biological Sample Management (HBSM) process. It is vital to complete the HBSM process as quickly as possible while maintaining quality requirements.

Maxime Parres-Albert is a senior tech engineer, and Maxime Brochier is a business innovation lead at GSK. Using process mining on clinical operations data, they were able to map the HBSM process and identify bottlenecks and best practices. At camp, they will share the data transformations they had to make and give tips for organizing change management.

Get to know your fellow process miners ·Roundtables

In the afternoon, we get interactive — Join us for a discussion roundtable and connect to the community on a deeper level.

In small groups of up to eight people, you will talk about process mining topics such as customer journeys, auditing, Lean Six Sigma, the business case for process mining, data transformations, and security, privacy and ethics.

The goal is not to solve all the world's problems but to share openly and learn from each other. In the interaction with other process miners who have similar backgrounds as you, you can discuss challenges and ideas that deserve further attention.

At the end of the roundtable, each group will share their main insights with the rest of the community, so that we can all benefit.

Tell us where it hurts ·Process Mining Clinic

For the very first time at camp, Rudi and Anne will run a process mining clinic. Do you have a data set that defies all your efforts? Questions that you always wanted to get answered? Process mining problems that leave you scratching your head?

Bring your laptop and show them to us! We will unpack the issue together and dig into our experiences to give you expert advice.

The clinic will be available during all the breaks as well as in parallel to the discussion roundtables.

Vox populi ·What previous years' campers are saying

Wil van der Aalst

“Process mining camp is the place to be for process mining practitioners. The camp enables process mining enthusiasts to share practical experiences and learn best practices. Moreover, it facilitates community building through the unique setup of the camp.”

— Prof. Wil van der Aalst

RWTH Aachen, Germany

Alberto Manuel

“If there is an event you should attend to actually learn about process mining, and how it is making a difference by helping organizations to change and adapt faster, this is the one for which you should save the date.”

— Alberto Manuel

ProcessSphere, Portugal

Samuel Itzikowitz

“Especially as a beginner in the field, I found the camp extremely informative, educational and important for me. It was not easy for me to make the trip but now, afterwards, I feel so good and so happy that I made the effort.”

— Prof. Samuel Itzikowitz

COMAS, Israel

Frank van Geffen

“As the founder of the KNVI Special Interest Group on Process Mining I endorse the sharing of knowledge across the process mining community. In my experience, ‘The Camp’ is the place to be if you want to experience the world-wide application of process mining. It's leading edge, realistic and down to earth. A great way to expand your network — and you just might get that breakthrough you needed for conducting successful process mining projects.”

— Frank van Geffen

Rabobank & KNVI, Netherlands

Ward Steeman

“In our company we are extremely focused on processes, and we see process mining as a valuable technique to quickly understand how processes are executed in reality. The process mining camps have been very important for us to learn about the possibilities and limitations. Rather than process mining as only a ‘technique’, for us it's the place to listen to other companies revealing their experience with process mining.”

— Ward Steeman

Volvo, Belgium

Mitchell Cunningham

“Attending process mining camp was a great opportunity to learn from other process mining practitioners in a relaxed and informal setting. Particularly helpful were presentations and discussions around key process mining challenges including aligning process mining efforts to organisational culture and obtaining and preparing process data.”

— Mitchell Cunningham

Suncorp, Australia

Get a taste of camp ·Check out past talks

Here are some of our favorite talks from the previous camps. Kick back, and find out for yourself what all the fuzz is about!

Process Mining At a Global Telco

Carmen Lasa Gómez (Telefónica)

Due to Carmen and her team's analysis, the percentage of work orders that are out of window could be decreased from 62% to 5% within just one year.

Manufacturing Improvement

Joris Keizers (Veco)

Joris demonstrated how process mining has helped to cut the lead time of their core production process in half by unlocking relevant process knowledge of key employees who have less of a feeling for statistical methods.

Deciding Surgery Room Allocations in a Hospital

Fran Batchelor (UW Health)

Joris demonstrated how process mining has helped to cut the lead time of their core production process in half by unlocking relevant process knowledge of key employees who have less of a feeling for statistical methods.

Process Mining in Logistics

Boris Nikolov (Vanderlande)

Boris applied process mining in the area of logistic process automation. He validated and optimized test scenarios during some of the most critical phases of a project — acceptance testing and operational trials.

You can find more talks from all camps here.

Campsite ·TU/e Auditorium

An event like Process Mining Camp deserves an appropriate venue. What better campsite to choose than the TU Eindhoven (TU/e), the place where process mining was invented?

This year's camp will take place in the TU/e Auditorium (Blauwe Zaal). You can expect comfortable seating, a nice, roomy area with lots of air to breathe, and a professional projector and sound equipment.

The auditorium is located in the south-western corner of the TU Eindhoven campus, and it can be reached from Eindhoven central train station by a 8 minute's walk. If you want to come by car, parking space is available nearby on the university campus.

Blauwe Zaal @ TU/e Auditorium
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  • Come by train: The train station is Eindhoven Centraal. Leave the station on the northern side (where buses stop), and turn right. You can see the university buildings in a few minutes' distance. Cross at the traffic lights, and follow the scenic path. The Auditorium is on your left, about thirty meters after crossing a small bridge. (Click here for a map).
  • Come by plane: Eindhoven has an airport serviced mostly by smaller airlines. Bus routes connect the airport to the central train station. If you come in via Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, there are train connections directly to Eindhoven central station every 30 minutes, leaving from a station right below the ground floor of the airport. Travel time is about 90 minutes.
  • Come by car: When you are on the TU Eindhoven campus, look for a tall, green building, it is right opposite of the Auditorium. You may want to print the campus map here. Try to park at P1, if you can. Parking on the campus is € 7,50 per day (paid in cash, or by debit card).

Are you staying overnight?

If you need a recommendation for a place to stay, consider the following options:

In general, any hotel that is in walking distance to the Eindhoven train station should be fine.

Fresh Air ·Health & Safety

We want to do everything to make this camp a relaxed and safe experience for all of us.

The practice talks will be presented in a large, well-ventilated room with lots of space. We will provide masks, and we will all be wearing them indoors. All the breaks, lunch, dinner, and coffee will be outside. Many parts of the camp program will also take place outdoors. So, you can breathe fresh air while conversing with your fellow process miners.

If you feel sick or have tested positive, please stay at home and do not come. We will of course refund your camp ticket.

We want everybody to feel safe and comfortable at camp. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know at camp@fluxicon.com.

Health and Safety
Anne Rozinat, Rudi Niks, and Christian W. Günther from Fluxicon

Your Hosts For the Day

We are Anne and Christian from Fluxicon, and we love process mining. After finishing our PhDs with Wil van der Aalst in Eindhoven, we founded Fluxicon with two goals in mind. For one, we want to build the best process mining software for professionals. At least as important a goal for us is to spread the word about process mining, to grow the process mining community worldwide, and to bring the community closer together. In 2017, we found our perfect third team member Rudi.

For us, Process Mining Camp is that dream come to life. The whole process mining community is coming together in one place. No academic talks, and no sales show. At camp, we focus squarely and exclusively on the practical application of process mining.

In 2012, more than 70 smart and driven people joined us for the first Process Mining Camp. In 2013, we moved Process Mining Camp to the Zwarte Doos and added workshops, and we had a great day with more than 100 process mining enthusiasts from all over the world. In 2014, camp tickets sold out very quickly, and process mining enthusiasts from more than 16 countries came for a varied program including workshops, keynotes, and a panel discussion. Since 2015, we moved to the auditorium to make more room, bringing process mining enthusiasts from hundreds of different companies and a total of 34 different countries to Eindhoven. In the last two years, we got together from all around the world for an all-online camp, which was very special and exciting in its own right.

This year, we are back to meeting up in person, albeit on a smaller scale to keep it safe. We think you are going to really love this year's camp, and we cannot wait to meet you in Eindhoven! If there is anything we can help you with preparing for camp, or if you have questions, just shoot us an email acamp@fluxicon.com.

We hope to see you at camp soon,

Yours truly

Process Mining Camp 2022 is supported by Eindhoven University of Technology and
the IEEE Task Force for Process Mining.

Process Mining Camp 2022 is organized by Fluxicon.