A Framework for Process Mining Projects

21:20Recorded on 28 May 2013 at TU Eindhoven

Tijn van der Heijden(Deloitte, Netherlands)

During his master studies at Eindhoven University of Technology, Tijn developed a framework for conducting process mining projects. He introduces his framework, and tells how he implemented it at a project for the Rabobank.


Tijn van der Heijden is a business analyst with Deloitte. He learned about process mining during his studies in a BPM course at Eindhoven University of Technology and became fascinated with the fact that it was possible to get a process model and so much performance information out of automatically logged events of an information system.

Tijn successfully introduced process mining as a new standard to achieve continuous improvement for the Rabobank during his Master project. At his work at Deloitte, Tijn has now successfully been using this framework in client projects.

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