Process Mining at the Dutch Tax Office

22:50Recorded on 4 June 2012 at TU Eindhoven

Wim Leeuwenkamp(Belastingdienst, Netherlands)

Wim shares his experiences from a pilot project in the audit department of the Ministry of Finance in the Netherlands.


Wim Leeuwenkamp is a Strategic Advisor at the Dutch Tax Office. In 2009, he met an auditor from the Ministry of Infrastructure who told him about her experience with a process mining pilot. He decided to start a process mining pilot of his own within the Tax Department of the Ministry of Finance to learn more about the technology.

In the audit department they already use tools to analyze data, mostly related to financial audits. Tools that they use are, for example, ACL, IDEA, and SAS. They also use tools to do some testing of controls in IT-auditing. In his opinion the value added by process mining tools is the easy way to find out a lot of issues related to process flow, including checking totals between process steps, separation of duties within a process, authorization issues, the impact of error queues, and so on.

This “new kind of auditing” by analyzing the process with a process mining tool gives the auditor a complete view on all the weaknesses in a process, but the costs of gathering the data and the construction of event logs in a legacy environment need to be taken into account.

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