Process Mining at Deloitte

23:08Recorded on 4 June 2012 at TU Eindhoven

Mieke Jans(Deloitte, Belgium)

Mieke has not only a PhD in process mining, but also lots of experience with auditing projects. She shares the seven steps she is using in her process mining projects in an audit context.


Mieke Jans is a Manager at Deloitte Analytics Belgium. She learned about process mining from her PhD supervisor while she was collaborating with a large SAP-using company for her dissertation.

Mieke extended her research topic to investigate the data availability of process mining data in SAP and the new analysis possibilities that emerge from it. It took her 8-9 months to find the right data and prepare it for her process mining analysis. She needed insights from both process owners and IT experts. For example, one person knew exactly how the procurement process took place at the front end of SAP, and another person helped her with the structure of the SAP-tables. She then combined the knowledge of these different persons.

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