Process Mining Camp 2022: CorVel

To prepare for Process Mining Camp on 21 June this year, we are sharing the recordings from last year’s camp with you. Watch the talks of Machteld and Marianne from the Dutch Police and Sjoerd from AGCO Finance if you have not seen them yet.

The third speaker at Process Mining Camp 2022 was Beth Borman from CorVel in the United States. Watch Beth’s talk to see how she adapted her analysis approach to the type of process.

Every process requires a tailor-made analysis approach

CorVel is a US provider of risk management solutions for the workers’ compensation, auto, health, and disability management industries. As a project manager, Beth identifies optimization opportunities based on the Theory of Constraints data analysis and process mining. While analyzing several processes, she noticed she could not take the same approach for every process.

For structured processes, the entire process can be analyzed at once. The analysis focuses on identifying bottlenecks, exceptions, and areas of automation. Unstructured processes, like their claims management process, must be analyzed from various angles. You need to be creative and explore smaller pieces or segments. The focus is on finding patterns and standardization opportunities.

Process Mining Camp 2023 takes place on 21 June in Eindhoven and we have a fantastic program for you. Get your ticket here!

Process Mining Camp 2022: AGCO Finance

To get ready for Process Mining Camp on 21 June this year, we are sharing the recordings from last year’s camp with you.

Sjoerd van der Zee from AGCO Finance was the second speaker at Process Mining Camp 2022. Watch his talk to see how answering one question tends to create new, additional questions.

Peeling the onion: How to move through multiple discovery and analysis cycles

AGCO Finance is a joint venture between the global financial solutions partner DLL and AGCO, an agricultural equipment manufacturer. Sjoerd is working in AGCO Finance’s operations function. He focuses on improving efficiency and service levels.

At first, Sjoerd was reluctant to do the process mining analysis himself. He is grateful that he did so because learning the process mining part is easy if you have the process and domain knowledge.

Process mining has given him a fresh perspective on the different paths and steps in his processes. However, he needed to apply his domain knowledge to iterate through discovery, questions, and analysis cycles. With every new iteration, you will get more of the necessary insights that enable you to take steps to improve your business.

Process Mining Camp 2023 takes place on 21 June in Eindhoven and we have a fantastic program for you. Get your ticket here!

Process Mining Camp 2022: The Dutch Police

While we are all waiting impatiently for the 12th Process Mining Camp on 21 June this year, we are starting to share the recordings from last year’s camp with you. Time to revisit those stories, refresh your memories, and savor the nice moments. We can’t wait to see you all again this year!

Machteld Oosterhof and Marianne Ravelli from the Politie were the first to take the stage at Process Mining Camp 2022. Watch their talk to see their journey of changing the organizational mindset from making decisions based on guesswork towards being guided by facts.

Making better decisions with process mining

The Police in the Netherlands are composed of ten regional operating units. The human resource (HR) department makes good police work possible by onboarding and supporting all officers and staff to fulfill their daily duty.

Machteld is a business operations specialist, and Marianne is a business controller at the HR shared services center. Traditionally, knowledge workers have been driving process improvements based on their personal expertise and gut feeling. However, most processes in the HR administration are now digitized. Therefore, the ambition is to move towards process improvements that are based on data. Machteld and Marianne share their experiences from three projects, where they showed facts and figures that sometimes confirmed and sometimes refuted assumptions.

Process Mining Camp 2023 takes place on 21 June in Eindhoven and we have a fantastic program for you. Get your ticket by 17 May to benefit from the Early Bird rate and secure your very own camp t-shirt!

Process Mining Café 22: Data Preparation

Process Mining Café 5

In our next Process Mining Café this Wednesday, Rudi and I will go through the most common data challenges and what you can (or cannot) do about them. Join us!

Discuss data requirements and data preparation with us this week, Wednesday, 17 May, at 15:00 CEST! (Check your timezone here). As always, there is no registration required. Simply point your browser to when it is time. You can watch the café and join the discussion while we are on the air, right there on the café website.

Sign up for the café mailing list here to receive a reminder one hour before the session starts.

Tune in live for Process Mining Café by visiting this week, Wednesday, 17 May, at 15:00 CEST! Add the time to your calendar if you don’t want to miss it.

Workshops at Process Mining Camp 2023

Process Mining Camp 2023

For every summer camp, there comes a time when you pull up your sleeves, grab a shovel, and do your part.

At Process Mining Camp, you won’t have to do the dishes, but you can become actively involved and contribute your own experience and perspective. One perfect place to do just that is in one of our three very distinct afternoon workshops:

  • Our first workshop is a discussion workshop that continues after Franck, Ruth, and Mithra’s talk. You can share your experiences and discuss all aspects of process mining in audits and beyond, including ethics and professional standards.

  • In our second workshop, you go into problem-solving mode. Based on our 12-step process mining project framework, you will work in small teams on developing the right project plan for different cases.

  • Our third analysis workshop lets you dive into typical process mining analysis questions with hands-on practice. Bring your laptop! You will receive a training license from us if you don’t have a Disco license yet.

The workshops are running in parallel, so you can only join one. Choose the workshop you want to attend when selecting your camp ticket here.

Here are the full descriptions of the workshops at Process Mining Camp 2023.

Workshop 1: How can you use process mining for audits?

Workshop 1 at Process Mining Camp 2023

Process mining does not replace the traditional audit approach. However, it requires some changes and a conscious effort to fit process mining into the existing way of working. In some places, more work is needed. In other places, things get easier.

The goal of this discussion-based workshop is to share openly and learn from each other. You will talk about process mining in auditing and internal control. Discuss your approach, challenges, and questions with other auditors, compliance officers, and risk managers, and exchange your experiences to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your internal control systems.

Franck Diafouka, Ruth Zonanashvili and Mithra Sophie Gruber enthusiastically work for the Internal Audit function at the European Medicines Agency and have established a Working Group on Process Mining across several EU bodies.

Workshop 2: How do you make a proper project plan for process mining?

Workshop 2 at Process Mining Camp 2023

Achieving your process mining goals requires a solid approach to getting things done. However, there is no one single cookbook for every process mining analysis. Each project could require a different approach to solve certain challenges or eliminate risks of failure.

In this workshop you will learn what the key deliverables are for a process mining project. Work out the best approach given particular technical or organizational conditions, and discuss what you could or should do when these conditions change. A practical and fun way to share experiences and learn the best practices.

Rudi Niks has been one of the first process mining practitioners. He has over ten years of experience in creating value with process mining. At Fluxicon, he ensures that Disco miners are the best process miners in the world.

Workshop 3: What questions can you answer with process mining?

Workshop 3 at Process Mining Camp 2023

When you start out with process mining, you often wind up in some kind of chicken-and-egg dilemma: You are supposed to start with questions about your process, but which kinds of questions can you actually answer with process mining?

We will give you 20 typical process mining questions as a starting point, and we will show you how to answer them. In this workshop, you will work hands-on with multiple data sets to understand the different approaches for measuring your process performance, analyzing compliance, and answering other process mining questions.

Anne Rozinat is the co-founder of Fluxicon and working with process mining every day. She has obtained her PhD Cum Laude in the process mining group at Eindhoven University of Technology, and she has given countless process mining trainings over the years.

Which one are you going to pick?

All three workshops are an excellent way to process what you have learned, and to set the next steps for your own process mining practice. You will come away with new insights and actionable knowledge that you can use immediately.

Don’t miss this year’s camp and register now — We look forward to having you!