Livestream At Process Mining Camp 2024

Process Mining 2024 Live

Process Mining Camp starts tomorrow — We can’t wait to see you all in Eindhoven!

For those of you who are going to join us here, you are in luck: We believe that this will be our best camp ever, with two full days of process mining practice talks, roundtable discussions, intensive workshops, and lots of time with your fellow process mining campers!

For those of you who can’t join us in person, here is the next best thing: Join us around the globe for a livestream of this year’s practice talks on Thursday, June 13! Take a peek through the cracked doors of our campsite, and learn about what our speakers have experienced.

Note that we can’t take questions1, and while we try to give you a great experience, we cannot guarantee a perfect view — After all, camping is a contact sport, and we usually have our hands full with making sure that everything’s perfect for the people in the room. But we hope that you’ll join us here in spirit, that you have a good time, and of course that you can make it next year!

To watch our livestream, simply go to tomorrow, June 13th, at 13:00 CEST (check your own timezone here). No registration is needed. You will be able to watch the livestream right there.

— See you all tomorrow!

  1. Of course we can’t wait to hear from you, though: Hit us up on LinkedIn, Twitter, or of course by email↩︎

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