Franck Diafouka, Ruth Zonanashvili, and Mithra Gruber @ Process Mining Camp 2023

You can now watch the video recordings from last year’s camp. If you have missed them, here is the first talk by Eric N. Kildea from Radwell in the United States, the second talk by Stefan Wick from the Universitätshospital Zürich in Switzerland, and the third talk by Xhentilo Karaj from Euroclear in Belgium.

Our fourth speakers were Franck Diafouka, Ruth Zonanashvili, and Mithra Gruber from the European Medicines Agency in the Netherlands. Franck shared their experience from establishing a working group on process mining across different EU organizations. Ruth explored process mining for risk assessments. Mithra then connected the various stakeholders of process mining to challenges beyond technical aspects. For example, ethical considerations are essential to avoid staff discrimination by colleagues or management. Furthermore, data protection and privacy must be ensured to comply with EU DPR and other legislation. Watch Franck’s, Ruth’s, and Mithra’s talk to see what it looks like to work on process mining at the European Union.

For this year’s camp, you can get your ticket here.

— See you all in Eindhoven on 13 June!

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