Eric N. Kildea @ Process Mining Camp 2023

Process mining camp is where we learn from other process miners. One important part is the practice talks, where we hear from some of our campers how they applied process mining in different contexts.

At Process Mining Camp 2023, our speakers showed how they analyze logistics processes and patient journeys, how process mining fits into audit projects and risk assessments, and what process mining adds to classical customer journey analyses. You can now start watching the video recordings from last year’s camp.

Our first speaker was Eric N. Kildea from Radwell in the United States. Eric showed us two different cases. For one process, he identified over 16,000 items that Radwell could ship directly to specific branches to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth shipments. The other case resulted in hiring staff in an understaffed department, given the increase in incoming items. Watch Eric’s talk to see how he could analyze very complex physical processes.

For this year’s camp, the last tickets are on sale now. If you have not yet signed up, you can get your ticket here.

— See you all in Eindhoven on 13 June!

Christian W. Günther

Christian W. Günther

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