Process Mining Camp 2022: CorVel

To prepare for Process Mining Camp on 21 June this year, we are sharing the recordings from last year’s camp with you. Watch the talks of Machteld and Marianne from the Dutch Police and Sjoerd from AGCO Finance if you have not seen them yet.

The third speaker at Process Mining Camp 2022 was Beth Borman from CorVel in the United States. Watch Beth’s talk to see how she adapted her analysis approach to the type of process.

Every process requires a tailor-made analysis approach

CorVel is a US provider of risk management solutions for the workers’ compensation, auto, health, and disability management industries. As a project manager, Beth identifies optimization opportunities based on the Theory of Constraints data analysis and process mining. While analyzing several processes, she noticed she could not take the same approach for every process.

For structured processes, the entire process can be analyzed at once. The analysis focuses on identifying bottlenecks, exceptions, and areas of automation. Unstructured processes, like their claims management process, must be analyzed from various angles. You need to be creative and explore smaller pieces or segments. The focus is on finding patterns and standardization opportunities.

Process Mining Camp 2023 takes place on 21 June in Eindhoven and we have a fantastic program for you. Get your ticket here!

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

Market, customers, and everything else

Anne knows how to mine a process like no other. She has conducted a large number of process mining projects with companies such as Philips Healthcare, Océ, ASML, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, and many others.