Disco 3.3

Software Update

We are happy to announce the release of Disco 3.3.

This update fixes a number of issues and annoyances that we have discovered, and that you have reported, since the last 3.2 release. If you are affected by any of these isolated issues, you probably already know.

While we were at it, we put on the winter tires and topped up the oil, to get us ready for the cold season. So you get the latest security fixes and performance improvements all around. And of course we thoroughly dusted the corners and polished the UI some, so this baby’s ready to drive!

All this comes fuelled, as per usual, by your ideas and bug reports. Keep us posted and, as always, thank you for using Disco!

How to update

We recommend that you update to the latest version of Disco at your earliest convenience. Disco will automatically download and install this update the next time you run it, if you are connected to the internet1.

If you prefer to install this update of Disco manually, you can download and run the latest installer packages from fluxicon.com/disco/download


  • CSV Import:
    • Fixed an issue where import errors could point to one-off line numbers.
    • Prioritize high-severity issues in import problem feedback.
    • Improved description of import problems.
  • Excel Import:
    • Improved XLSX import.
    • Improved performance and stability.
  • Process Map:
    • Fixed an isolated issue with graph layout on the Apple M1/2 platform.
    • Improved performance and stability of graph layout.
  • Airlift: Improved import performance and stability.
  • Control Center: Fixed an issue where disk benchmark could fail.
  • UI: Improved interface fidelity for fractional HiDPI displays on Windows.
  • Connection: Improved stability and performance.
  • Platform: Java update

  1. You need to download and install this update manually to make sure you get the latest version of the Java runtime and graph layout. ↩︎

Christian W. Günther

Christian W. Günther

Product, development, and everything else

Christian creates software which is easy to use, performs great, and is easy on the eyes. He also handles most things design or AV around Fluxicon.