Organizational Change

Organizational change is hard. It’s already hard for a single person to change their habits. It’s even harder for a whole organization to change its way of working. There are reasons why things have grown the way they are. But there are also reasons to want to do better.

As a process miner, you run into this challenge as soon as you have identified potential improvements for your organization and need to implement them. How do you get people on board? And how do you get them to stick with you in the new way?

Change management1 is a methodology for managing an organizational change and guiding people through the necessary transition. We process miners can learn a lot from change management professionals to be more successful. At the same time, process mining can help to support change management in several places as well.

In the last Process Mining Café, Sebastiaan van Rijsbergen (Project & Change Manager at Nationale-Nederlanden) and Roger Schmid (Business Transformation Manager at Stryker) shared their experiences with us. If you missed the live broadcast or want to re-watch the café, you can now watch the recording here.

Change management is all about people. So, it’s a little bit of a “soft” topic. I encourage especially the hard-core nerds of you out there to tune in and listen to their advice. You need to hear these things more often to build up awareness. And this might just be the missing piece that makes your next process mining project a real success.

Thanks again to Sebastiaan and Roger and all of you for joining us!

Here are the links that we mentioned during the session:

Contact us via if you have questions or suggestions for the café anytime.

  1. Note that we talk about the broader topic of organizational change here and not the more narrowly defined ITSM discipline. Thanks to our café viewer Markus for pointing that out during the session! ↩︎

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