Process Mining Café 12: Change Management

Process Mining Café 12

Process mining as a tool does nothing by itself. The process mining analyst (you!) needs to interpret what they see and do something with these insights. Even if you can identify clear improvement ideas, getting your organization to actually change and implement them is a whole different story.

We process miners can learn a lot from change management and improvement professionals. It is their job to put themselves into the shoes of the people who work in the process. Making sure that everyone is heard helps to build support for the improvement journey.

For the upcoming Process Mining Café, we have invited two change management veterans, Sebastiaan van Rijsbergen from Nationale-Nederlanden and Roger Schmid from Stryker, to talk about the strategies that have worked for them.

Join us on Monday 31 January, at 16:00 CET! (Check your timezone here). We will each share our Top / Flop 5 learning points in this area. And we are curious about yours as well!

As always, there is no registration required. Simply point your browser to when it is time. You can watch the café and join the discussion while we are on the air, right there on the café website.

Tune in live for Process Mining Café by visiting next week, Monday 31 January, at 16:00 CET! Add the time to your calendar if you don’t want to miss it. Or sign up for the café mailing list here if you want us to remind you one hour before the session starts.

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

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