Process Mining Café 7: Public Administration

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The Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) is an independent administrative authority commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. If you work in the Netherlands, you would contact the UWV, for example, if you are looking for a job, need to request unemployment benefits, or cannot work due to health issues.

The internal processes at such a central public administration agency have to run as efficiently as possible to serve their citizens in the best possible way. This was put to the test when the Dutch government introduced a new law that allowed employers to seek financial support in paying the salaries of their employees during the Corona crisis.

Fortunately, UWV was already using process mining to streamline their internal processes and could leverage this capability with the introduction of this new law. Vincent Veraart, Richard Verheijen, and Lewis Ho, our guests in the upcoming Process Mining Café next week, will tell us all about how they are using process mining across various divisions at UWV. Tune in to discuss with us how to best apply process mining in public administration!

Join us on Wednesday 7 July, at 16:00 CEST! (Check your own timezone here).

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