Disco 2.11

Software Update

We are happy to announce that we have just released Disco 2.11.

We recommend that you update at your earliest convenience. Like every release of Disco, this update fixes a number of bugs and improves the general performance and stability.

This release marks a big step forwards for the Airlift integration in Disco, with better performance, improved reliability, and a smoother user experience all around. If you pull your log data into Disco via Airlift, this will be a solid upgrade – and if you don’t, this may be a great time to start thinking about it.

A long-lost, dearly beloved, and oft-requested crowd favorite makes a triumphant return: The process map will now remain centered around the mouse pointer when you zoom via the mouse wheel. Just a little goodie that got lost in our transition to multi-touch gestures way back when, and we’re all happy to have it back.

Even if you’re not airlifting, and barely zooming, this update, as always, brings increased performance, the demise of many bugs, and lots of small improvements and fixes all over the place.

Thank you for using Disco! We love hearing about what you do with it, and what you like and don’t like about it, so keep your feedback coming!

How to update

Disco will automatically download and install this update the next time you run it, if you are connected to the internet.

If you prefer to install this update of Disco manually, you can download and run the updated installer packages from fluxicon.com/disco/download


  • Airlift:
    • UI fixes.
    • Improved import performance.
    • Smoother and more resilient client experience.
    • Keep bookmarks of recent connections (optional).
    • More consistent experience for connections with self-signed certificates.
  • Process Map: Keep the mouse pointer centered when zooming via mouse wheel.
  • CSV Import: Improved performance and stability.
  • Workspace: Ensure safe recovery from a corrupted workspace.
  • Octane: Fixed an issue where some case IDs could be truncated.
  • UI: Refined graph transitions.
  • Platform: Java update (Requires manual install).
Christian W. Günther

Christian W. Günther

Product, development, and everything else

Christian creates software which is easy to use, performs great, and is easy on the eyes. He also handles most things design or AV around Fluxicon.