Process Mining Café: How Would You Design a New System for Process Mining?

Process Mining Café

One of our favorite parts of this year’s Process Mining Camp was our daily Process Mining Café, where the speaker from the previous day rejoined us for a little chat, to take some questions from the community.

These Process Mining Café sessions were of course totally unrehearsed, straight from the heart and in the moment. As such, the conversations quickly went places we couldn’t anticipate. Add to that a steady stream of real-time feedback from our camp audience, via our campfire slack channel, and you have a lively, and instantly relevant, conversation going in no time.

We love the communal spirit of those café sessions, where we were hanging out together with all of you like that. We were thinking back fondly on those sessions, and we thought: “Why should we wait until the next Process Mining Camp to do this again?”.

Well actually, we don’t have to. And so we won’t!

We’re getting the band back together!

Join us for an all-new edition of Process Mining Café, next week Tuesday! All you have to do is to point your web browser to on Tuesday 24 November, at 16:00 CET (no registration required). On this site, you can watch our café session live and ask your questions in our bespoke café chatroom.

We have invited Gijs Eerdmans and Erik Rootjes from Vivat to discuss the process mining data requirements for new IT systems.

Vivat recently introduced a new system for which they could completely control what data would be recorded. So, Eric and Gijs could ensure that the new system had all the right data that they needed for process mining.

This is the dream for every process miner who is currently working around the limitations of incomplete or faulty data in their systems. But would you know which data properties exactly you needed to ensure in the new system if you were in Vivat’s situation? You don’t want to forget something essential and then be stuck with the new system again for the coming years. Together with Gijs and Erik, we have made a checklist that we want to discuss with you in this Process Mining Café.

Process Mining Café: How Would You Design a New System for Process Mining?

Process Mining Café

Gijs Eerdmans and Erik Rootjes from Vivat will share their experiences from designing the perfect process mining data after introducing a new IT system. The new workflow system connects the front office with the back-office teams and Gijs and Erik had the chance to influence what data would be recorded. We will discuss how the new system is better than the old system and what they recommend to others in the same situation.

Join Us!

Join us next week for this brand-new Process Mining Café! Tune in live at on Tuesday 24 November at 16:00 CET (check your own timezone here) to watch and ask your questions while we are on the air.

What you can also do:

We are super excited and look forward to seeing all of you again next week!

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

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