Lufthansa at Process Mining Camp 2020

Process Mining Camp 2020

Today, we bring you the first recording from this year’s Process Mining Camp. In each video, the presentation is directly followed by our conversation in the Process Mining Café — So, whether you want to re-watch the talks or had missed them before, you can now get the complete experience in one session.

The first speaker at Process Mining Camp 2020 was Christian Pohle from Lufthansa in Germany.

Using the Theory of Constraints to Optimize the “Turn-around-time” in Parts Repair

Christian Pohle is Head of Process at Lufthansa Technik. His process mining journey started off with an unusual situation: They had great data. Their ERP system collects very detailed and accurate information about all the steps that happen in the parts repair process. So, they were in an excellent position to use that data for their process mining analysis.

With his background in Lean Six Sigma, Christian could use the lean methodologies of continuous improvement and combine them with process mining. One interesting tool that they used is the Theory of Constraints, which is a technique that focuses on finding the biggest bottleneck and resolving it, then finding the next-biggest bottleneck and resolving it, etc.

Instead of working on individual transformation projects, they used an Agile approach to implement and review the improvements in sprints. This led to an openness and honesty that were appreciated throughout the company. In his remarkable story, Christian brings to life how process mining helps to move discussions “from the belly to the brain” through objectification of gut instinct.

Watch the video of Christian’s presentation to learn more about how they combined process mining with the Theory of Constraints and Agile improvements to great success.

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

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