Process Mining at AIG — Process Mining Camp 2019

The sixth speaker at Process Mining Camp 2019 was Sudhendu Rai from AIG in the United States.

Sudhendu will be back at this year’s camp with a follow-up talk on their “Process Wind Tunnel” framework, and also another process mining case. The “wind tunnel” is AIG’s test environment in which a business process can be simulated.

I have been interested in simulation since my Ph.D. thesis. Simulation has the charm that you can test out alternative what-if scenarios to find out which improvement would have the biggest effect before actually making the change in the real-world process.

In many situations, what-if analyses can be carried out with process mining without a dedicated simulation tool. For example, you can filter your data set to those cases that already follow the desired process scenario. Then, you can use the measurements for this subset to estimate the overall process performance if all cases were to follow this new flow.

However, for more advanced re-designs of the process you need a specialized simulation tool. Combining process mining with simulation holds great potential, since the process mining tool can help you to get the right input parameters for your simulation model.

This is exactly what Sudhendu and his team did. In his talk at last year’s camp, he showed how they tested new scheduling policies for incoming policy requests.

Watch the video of Sudhendu’s talk to learn how AIG could reduce their cycle time from 12 days to 5 days (increasing the throughput by over 30%) by combining process mining with simulation.

From 15 to 24 June 2020, we will meet for our first digital edition of Process Mining Camp. This year, camp will not only be fully online and free of charge, but we are also trying out a new format.

We will get together for one live-streamed talk each day, with lots of discussion and socializing at the campfire in between. You can read more about this year’s camp format, and why we think it can create a more relaxed and engaging experience, on our updated camp website.

Take a look at the program and sign up now!

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

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