Process Mining at Raiffeisen Bank International — Process Mining Camp 2019

The second speakers at Process Mining Camp 2019 were Claus Mitterlehner and Jozef Gruzman from Raiffeisen Bank International in Austria.

At camp we are always trying to learn from each other. So, hearing how others are setting up their process mining practice is particularly valuable.

Jozef and Claus developed a standard approach for black-box process discoveries. That is a little different from what you normally see. Usually you are expected to start by defining the scope and the goals for the project together with the process owner right from the beginning.

Instead, using process mining, they first explore and review the processes pretty extensively on their own. Only then they dive deeper in the analysis with the subject matter experts.

Of course, a prerequisite for this approach is that you have some general domain knowledge about the process. Claus and Jozef have this domain knowledge, because they are part of the central process efficiency team that supports all the different countries in the bank.

Watch the video of how Claus and Jozef illustrate their approach and the deliverables they create for the business units based on the customer lending process.

From 15 to 24 June 2020, we will meet for our first digital edition of Process Mining Camp. This year, camp will not only be fully online and free of charge, but we are also trying out a new format.

We will get together for one live-streamed talk each day, with lots of discussion and socializing at the campfire in between. You can read more about this year’s camp format, and why we think it can create a more relaxed and engaging experience, on our updated camp website.

Take a look at the program and sign up now!

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

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