Process Mining at Philips Healthcare — Process Mining Camp 2019

The fifth speakers at Process Mining Camp 2019 were Mark Pijnenburg from Philips Healthcare and Carmen Bratosin from ESI in the Netherlands.

The term “customer journey analysis” has become a bit of a buzz word, but all it says is that you shift the perspective from yourself to the customer when analyzing a process: Instead of looking at how you, internally, are performing the process you try to understand how your customers experience interacting with your company. The goals of such a customer journey analysis are typically more qualitative, such as testing the usability.

When Mark and Carmen analyze the usage flows of Philips’ MRI machines in the field, they are not only interested in the usability, but they also want to increase the test coverage based on real-life behavior for these machines — After all, what better usage sequence to test on a new model than a sequence that was actually used by a radiologist to perform an MRI scan in the hospital? Therefore, their usage patterns contribute directly to the reliability of future versions of these machines.

Preparing the data for process mining was not easy because the logging that is produced by the MRI machines is only available on a very technical level. Furthermore, each physician has their own preferences in how they set up the machine for certain exams, which adds to the complexity.

Watch Mark and Carmen’s talk to learn how they addressed these data challenges, and see a live demo of analyzing actual MRI usage log data with process mining.

From 15 to 24 June 2020, we will meet for our first digital edition of Process Mining Camp. This year, camp will not only be fully online and free of charge, but we are also trying out a new format.

We will get together for one live-streamed talk each day, with lots of discussion and socializing at the campfire in between. You can read more about this year’s camp format, and why we think it can create a more relaxed and engaging experience, on our updated camp website.

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Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

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