Process Mining at PGGM — Process Mining Camp 2019

The fourth speakers at Process Mining Camp 2019 were Bas van Beek and Frank Nobel from PGGM in the Netherlands.

When a company starts using process mining, they face not only the challenge of understanding what process mining can do and how to use the process mining tool. They also have to find the right place for process mining in the organization.

Often, there are multiple candidate teams who could lead the development of the process mining practice. For example, many companies have both a process improvement team (working with methodologies like BPM or Six Sigma) and a data science team (working with all kinds of data analysis techniques). Now, with process mining as the new kid on the block, which of these two groups should pick this up and integrate process mining into their way of working?

At PGGM, they have a Lean Six Sigma group and a Data Science group. They approach every process mining initiative as a multi-disciplinary team with people from both groups.

The initiatives themselves can be quite different. One of them, a project in the audit space, was particularly interesting because it achieved what most process mining in audit projects are after: Not just to increase the assurance, but also to make the audit more efficient.

Watch the video to learn more about three multi-disciplinary process mining projects that Bas and Frank have performed at PGGM.

From 15 to 24 June 2020, we will meet for our first digital edition of Process Mining Camp. This year, camp will not only be fully online and free of charge, but we are also trying out a new format.

We will get together for one live-streamed talk each day, with lots of discussion and socializing at the campfire in between. You can read more about this year’s camp format, and why we think it can create a more relaxed and engaging experience, on our updated camp website.

Take a look at the program and sign up now!

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

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