Process Mining at KLM — Process Mining Camp 2018

In only two weeks we will see each other at this year’s Process Mining Camp (see an overview of the speakers here). If you are not registered yet, get one of the last tickets here now!

To get ready for this year’s camp, we have started to release the videos from last year. If you have missed them before, you can still watch the videos of Fran Batchelor from UW Health, Niyi Ogunbiyi from Deutsche Bank, Dinesh Das from Microsoft, Wim Kouwenhoven from the City of Amsterdam, and Olga Gazina from Euroclear.

The sixth speaker at Process Mining Camp 2018 was Marc Tollens, a digital product owner at Air France KLM. In order to compete in the aviation market, KLM focuses on providing an excellent customer experience. They adopted the agile methodology to be able to reduce the time to introduce new touch points in the traveler’s journey. The performance of the agile teams is crucial to get the most out of each sprint.

As a Sunday afternoon project, Marc collected data from Jira, a project management software for (agile) software development, to see how process mining could be applied to help the teams learn from each other. Surprisingly, the flow of each team was quite different.

Marc started comparing the flows of the three teams to identify key differences in behavior and the resulting effects. In this way he could see if a team was able to deliver what they promised and whether they started testing too early or too late. He shared his observations with the teams during the retrospective and returned for the next sprint to see how the improvement worked out.

Do you want to see what happened after the retrospective? Watch Marc’s talk now!

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